• CORA JOHNSON Happy Mother's Day, Momma. I miss you and I wish I was with you. I love you. Marie Johnson & Family

  • Erma Heck Happy Mother's Day We Love and Miss You! Your Children

  • Happy Mother's Day Mama, We love you, you are a wonderful wife and a great mom. We hope you have a Happy Mother's Day. Love Always, Johnny, Linda, Doris and your pets

  • Happy Mother's Day Edith P. Tomlin 3-13-1919 - 8-6-1996 "A Mother" A Mother teaches & praises listens & laughs, but most of all she loves. Thanks Mama for showing us how to love, care & share. Thanks Mama for taking care of our tears & fears. Most of all thanks for always being there and being you. We love and miss you Dianne, Johnny & Gayle

  • Happy Mother's Day Moma & Grandma We love you, miss you. Kisses & Hugs in Heaven Michelle & Kids Eugene, Rena & Kids

  • Happy Mother's Day in Heaven Annie B. Overstreet Missing you this Mother's Day. Love you with all our hearts. Love, Mary, Johnny, Linda & Doris

  • Happy Mother's Day in Heaven My "Little Mike Epps" You gained your wings. Jan. 20, 2016 Not a day goes by I don't cry and think of you. I am not mad just upset cause you left me, but God needed you more. So rest on my Angel, Best Friend, Mother. I love You! Happy Mother's Day From: Your "Baby Girl" Rena Foxx

  • In Loving Memory of Eva H. Boone and Mary F. "Frenchie" Hudson on Mother's Day. We love and miss you so very much. Happy Mother's Day in Heaven ! Love from All the Family

  • In Loving Memory of Faye Witt On Mother's Day Love, Your Family

  • In Loving Memory of Gladys Wood On Mother's Day Love, Your Family

  • In Loving Memory of Katherine F. Wilson & Her 3 Daughters in Heaven Margaret Stinnette Frances St.John Sue Ellen Dowdy Loved and Missed on this Mother's Day The Families

  • In Loving Memory of Margaret S. Stinnette On Mother's Day I sit and often wonder how long does it take For the soul to heal and the heart not to ache. I sit and wonder how do others do it, What path they chose to get them through it. I sit and wonder do they hide their pain just like me Silent tears that are shed that others do not see. I sit and wonder why it had to be. Why someone so special was taken from me. But then I stand and I thank God above For the time I had with my Mother to love. I stand, raise my hands and praise the way... He blesses me with thoughts of you, Mama, on This Sweet Mother's Day! We love and miss you so, Donnie, Vickie & Family

  • In Loving Memory of Maria Hayden Mitchell Nov. 22, 1936 - June 9, 2012 Dear Mama in Heaven, We just want you to know How much we miss you everyday And how much we love you so. We cannot send you a card But we can send our love Upon the wings of angels To Heaven up above. We wish you Happy Mother's Day For you were the best To have you for our Mother We knew we had been blessed. Rest in peace our angel One day we will be together The next time that we see you We know it will be forever. Happy Mother's Day, David, Janet, Freddy & Tim

  • In Loving Memory of Our Dear Mama Willie Jane Creasy on Mother's Day You can only have one Mother Patient, kind and true. No other friend in all the world will be the same for you. When other friends forsake you to Mama you will return. For all her loving kindness She asks nothing in return. As we look upon her picture sweet memories we recall Of a face so full of sunshine and a smile for one and all. Sweet Jesus please take this message to our dear sweet Mother up above. Tell her how we miss her and give her all our love. All Your Children

  • In Loving Memory of Virginia Thomasson on Mother's Day! Thank you God for giving me such a treasure. A wonderful and loving Mother! I'm blessed that you was my Mom. And I can only pray that I'm the daughter you had hoped I would be! I Love You! Sheila

  • In Memory of My Mother Lottie Mae Johnson Though it's been 18 years now since you were taken away, the memories are still here today. Mom, I can't see nor touch you, so I know you are not here, but I've still got the past in my heart. We miss you so much, Mom. Love Tommy & Family

  • In Memory of Our Mother Louise M. Carson on Mother's Day Happy Mother's Day, Mom Love & Miss You. Ruby, Mary, Maxine Vonda, Helen & Lewis

  • Melody O. Bennett Sept 3, 1967 - Sept 9, 2012 Happy Mother's Day in heaven. We love and miss you very much. Audrey, Alex, Sam, Timmy, & Cathy