• In Loving Memory of Norval A. Boone, Sr. on his birthday, Sept. 11th We love & miss you so very much. Happy Birthday in Heaven! Always, The Family

  • Jason Wayne Overstreet 9-11-84 - 10-7-2011 The day you went away. It is said that time is a healer, it's been 3 years and I haven't found that to be true. Happy Birthday Son. We miss you so much. Love, Mom, Dad & Friends.

  • Melody O. Bennett Sept. 3 - Sept. 9, 2012 It has been 2 years since you left us. Our hearts are still broken. They will never mend with you gone. It is so lonely without you. Love, Sam, Audrey, Alex, Cathy & Timmy

  • RUBY A. DOXZEN of Bedford, VA passed away on August 23, 2014. She lost her battle with Multiple Myeloma and was being cared for by her daughter, Penny (Katie) Monroe in Radford with the assistance of Hospice. She will be missed but passed while Katie was at her bedside holding her hand. "MaMa I miss you so much but no one deserved to be in the pain you suffered." Memorial Service will be held at a later date. Please feel free to contact Katie Monroe 540.641.7399 for details.