• Bobby Carter 1971 - 2014 It's been 2 years since you left us. Not a day goes by we don't think of you. We love and miss you very much. Mom, Dad, Michelle, Jeff, Zach, Julia & Alexa

  • In Loving Memory of Mary F. "Frenchie" Hudson on her Birthday, July 3rd We love and miss you so very much. Happy Birthday in Heaven! Love From All The Family

  • Kristy Dawn Overstreet 3-21-84 - 6-29-05 Dear Kristy, Do you remember this trip that you and I took to Virginia Beach eleven years ago? Your Dad was working there and went down to surprise him. He was so happy to see us. How you loved the beach! You loved the sand between your tiny, little toes and the warm, salty breeze blowing through your long, beautiful hair. We peddled that little beach buggy up and down the boardwalk, laughing and having so much fun. Great times that we thought would last forever, but as we learned a few weeks later , nothing lasts forever. That would be our last trip together and we will remember it always. We all miss you so much. We will never forget you, please don't forget us. I Love You, Your Best Friend, Mom xoxoxo

  • Remembering Our Brother Timmy We miss you and love you. Dennis & Alice Dennis & Shona Lori Danny & Lisa

  • Timmy Seven years and where did the time go? It's strange how you live day to day and still miss someone so. Time is not a friend of mine never cared for it before... And for the last few years I've disliked it even more. Time doesn't change a thing when the heart is in pain, There's no comfort in time no relief does it bring. But the Bible says there's an appointed time for everything, A time for every event under heaven..and this I know is true. So I have no choice but to wait on time and for the day I once again will see you. After all this time... I will always love you, Vickie