‘Democrats’ running scared

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By John Barnhart

    It’s difficult to draw any lessons from this month’s gubernatorial election. That’s because Robert Sarvis, who ran as a Libertarian, made a strong enough showing to affect the outcome of a close race between the two major party candidates. As a result, Terry McAuliffe won a plurality, rather than a majority. He got 48 percent of the vote. I think Sarvis’ votes came at Ken Cuccinelli’s expense and Cuccinelli would have won had Sarvis not been on the ballot. However, we will never know as we can’t re-run the election to see how it would come out without Sarvis in the mix.
    One lesson we can draw, is the impact the ObamaCare debacle is having on “Democrats’” electoral chances. Sarvis would not have been a factor at all if the election had been held on Oct. 1, instead of Nov. 5. McAwful had a substantial lead over Cuccinelli at the beginning of October, but that lead evaporated over the time leading up to the election. Actually, the lead evaporated during the period following Oct. 17 when the government shutdown and a possible technical default on our sovereign debt ceased to dominate the news. From that time on, the unfolding ObamaCare disaster dominated the news and McAwful’s lead in the polls shrank. If Cuccinelli would have had a couple more weeks, and more money for advertising, he probably would have won.
    ObamaCare is becoming a potent negative for “Democrats,” and that’s becoming obvious from the way the Donkey Party folks in Congress are acting. When the House of Representatives voted, Friday, on a Republican bill to allow insurers to sell non-ObamaCare compliant policies for another year, 39 “Democrats” broke ranks with the party and voted for the Republican bill. They did this in spite of President Obama’s threat to veto it, if it even makes it past Harry Reid’s Senate.
    Twenty-one of these “Democrats” are in competitive districts and they are probably afraid they are going to be doomed if a strong Republican challenger makes this a major campaign issue next year. It should also be noted that they did this in spite of the administrative “fix” that President Obama announced the day before the vote. There are serious questions about whether this administrative   “fix” is even feasible because it’s being done at the last minute.  Apparently these 39 “Democrats” don’t have a whole lot of confidence in the political fig leaf their glorious leader is offering.
    Meanwhile, in the Senate, Senator Mary Landrieu has crafted a bill, a rather heavy handed measure that is almost as unworkable as President Obama’s “fix”, to deal with the problem. Although Harry Reid doesn’t seem interested in letting this bill come up for a vote, a number of Donkey senators, all up for reelection next year, have jumped on it. They all understand that, after passing this monstrosity with no Republican votes, and blocking every Republican effort to either repeal or modify it, the “Democratic” Party owns this nightmare.
    It could still get worse. After swearing that HealthCare.gov would be fixed by Nov. 30, he’s beginning to hem and haw about that. The software behind it is obviously seriously flawed and it could take months to actually get it fixed. Keep in mind that, along with being virtually unusable, the site is passing garbled information to insurance companies and there are concerns about the security of applicants’ personal information.
    “Democrats,” and that includes our own Senator Mark Warner, own this mess. He’s up for reelection next year and voters ought to demand some explanations from him. He voted for ObamaCare. Voters need to ask him why he did that to us. While they are at it, voters should also ask him if he read the bill, and understood it, before he voted in favor of it.
    I wonder how many “Democrats,” right now, are really wishing they had displayed the courage to break  party ranks, back in 2010, and vote with the Republicans?