50 years: Jailhouse calls lead to longer sentence

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By Tom Wilmoth

    Charles Wesley Olmstead just couldn’t help himself.
    And it cost him—it cost him a lot.
    Facing up to 50 years on computer solicitation charges, Olmstead, 39, made calls for phone sex to two different minor age girls—from jail.
    Bedford County Circuit Court Judge James Updike said he had planned to give Olmstead a much lighter sentence than the 50 years prescribed for in the sentencing guidelines. That was his plan, at least, until he heard the evidence about the jailhouse calls during Friday’s sentencing hearing.
    That changed his mind.
    Judge Updike gave Olmstead the entire 50 years to serve.
     Olmstead, had entered no contest pleas to six felony charges of computer solicitation at a plea hearing in March.
    The charges—two charges of computer solicitation and four charges of computer solicitation as a subsequent offense—involve Olmstead’s conversations with investigators posing as minor girls last spring. According to Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Wes Nance, Olmstead made contact with an investigator with the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children task force last May, using the screen name NYGUY4U38.
    The investigator was posing as a 13-year-old girl. Then, using Yahoo Messenger with the screen name Chuck Smith, Olmstead exposed himself, masturbating on a web cam for the investigator. Similar other incidents also occurred, according to Nance, including with another investigator posing as a 14-year-old girl.
    In one chat session, Olmstead indicated to the investigator that he was a pedophile which meant he was an “old man that wants to (have sex with) young girls.”
    In a presentence interview, Olmstead told Stephanie Coughlan, a Bedford County probation officer, that his actions had been “depraved, immoral, disgusting and heinous.” He expressed remorse.
    But Rodney Brisentine, an investigator with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, testified Friday that two days after making that statement Olmstead was on the phone at the jail with the underage girls. The jail tapes all inmate calls and they began monitoring Olmstead’s calls with the girls when authorities became aware he was talking to minor girls. He had met the girls—a 14-year-old from Missouri and a 16-year-old from