America's anti-American left

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By John Barnhart

There was an interesting item on ABC New's Web site, Thursday.

According to this story, ABC News reviewed dozens of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermons, offered for sale by Trinity United Church of Christ, in Chicago. This is the church that Wright pastors. The article states that these sermons contain repeated denunciations of the United States. Wright tells his congregants not to sing "God Bless America" but to replace "Bless" with another word. This other word turns "God Bless" into a phrase that I never use as I was taught that it amounts to taking God's name in vain.

The article also states that, in a sermon delivered on Sept. 16, 2001, Wright said that 9/11 amounted to "America's chickens coming home to roost." It seems that Wright thinks that it served us right that 3,000 innocent people were murdered.

Jeremiah Wright has been Senator Barack Obama's pastor for the last 20 years.

Obama, earlier this month, likened Wright to "an old uncle who says things I don't always agree with." While he calls 9/11 "inexcusable and without justification" he has soft-pedaled Wright's rhetoric by saying that his pastor was only trying to be provocative.

Obama finally repudiated Wright's rhetoric at the end of last week, but only after the man's words went out on the Internet for all to see and hear. Wright, in turn, resigned from an official position that he held on Obama's campaign.

It troubles me that a man who wants to be president of the United States has sat under the ministry of a pastor, for 20 years, who clearly hates the United States. Obama claims that he never heard his pastor's "trash talk," but I find that rather hard to believe. I understand that, due to his service in the Senate, and his previous service in the Illinois legislature, he would not have been in church every Sunday. Nevertheless, unless he rarely darkened the church's door, I can't understand how he could not have heard sermons like these.

The American left, that dominates the "Democratic " party, clearly has its ugly side. Take the bombing of a military recruitment center in Times Square two weeks ago. The bomber left an anti-Iraq war manifesto along with the bomb.

The Times Square bombing is not the first time that anti-war activists have targeted military recruiting centers. Michelle Malkin, in a column dated March 12, notes that this bombing was not an isolated incident. She chronicles a list of acts of vandalism and violence directed at recruiting offices and recruiters starting with March, 2003. It's a long, and enlightening, list that is longer than this entire column. You can find her piece at www.townhall.com. Click on "Columnists" then click on Malkin's photo. Her list is in a column entitled "The Left's Escalating War on Military Recruiters."

Vandalism and violence are never legitimate means of protest. We still live in a functioning democracy and there are plenty of ways we can oppose government polices that we don't like. We can write letters to the editor. We can write to elected officials. We can turn out on election day and vote.

The violence that left-wing extremists are directing against military recruitment centers is especially disgusting because we are currently at war. Patriotic young men and women are currently in harm's way in Afghanistan and Iraq. Everybody in the armed forces volunteered to serve in uniform to defend us and we should be proud of them ? all of them, including the recruiter.

At least Obama publicly repudiated the ugly things that Jeremiah Wright said from his pulpit. Whether or not it was politically motivated, it goes far beyond anything the "Democratic" Party has done. It's time for the "Democratic" party to follow Obama's lead and repudiate its anti-war extremists, who have gone far beyond merely inflammatory rhetoric.