Battle of the stockyards

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Take up challenge to gather food, toys

By Tom Wilmoth

    “We’re always in competition.”

    That was the response of Lisa Landes, office manager of the Springlake Stockyard, as to what prompted the latest challenge. But this time, area stockyards are working together to raise gifts and food for area families in need.
    “A lot of our friends and family had a hard time this year,” Landes said of the need. “We decided that we’d have a little bit of a friendly competition.”
    The competition is this: the Springlake, Hollins and Lynchburg stockyards have taken up the challenge for each to raise 200 cans of food for RAM House and 200 toys that will be given to Toys for Tots.
    “I just appreciate them buying into our craziness,” Landes said of the challenge.
    And the stockyard’s patrons have been helping out. “It’s wonderful,” she said of the response. “We have bunches and bunches of canned goods. I’m really pleased with the amount of turnout that we’re getting.”
    Landes is hoping that patrons and others will help the Springlake Stockyard meet its challenge “and buy into the fun of the site competition.”
    The stockyard has one more Saturday to collect its items. “We just appreciate everybody helping us out with this,” she said. “Community is a big thing for us. We just wanted to give back.”
    She said for many family and friends this has been a hard year and they’ve had “a hard time finding that silver lining in those dark clouds.”
    That has included lost jobs, homes “and even worse their hope,” she said.
    So this is a chance to give back.
    This is the first year of the challenge, but Landes expects it to continue in the future. “We’re so happy with the way things are going this year – (hopefully it will become an) ongoing tradition,” she said.
    The stockyard that brings in the most toys and food will get “bragging rights.”
    “The biggest bragging right is just being able to give back and help where we can,” she said. “We think this is a good cause.”
    Donations should be made by Dec. 19.
    For more information call 540-297-1707.