Bear drops by home of local resident

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By Tom Wilmoth

Stewart Grant came face to face with a bear last week. Fortunately there was a window in between them.


    The Liberty High School teacher and head baseball coach was at his house on Vista Circle behind Bedford Memorial Hospital watching a baseball game downstairs when he noticed the visitor. Grant looked out a window and saw a snout sitting on his air conditioning unit. He got up to see what it was and quickly realized it was a bear.

    “Of course I was really surprised,” Grant said. He went to grab his camera. “By the time I got back downstairs I couldn’t find him.”

    Grant went out on deck and realized all the bear had done was move to another spot.

    “That’s when I got my first set of pictures,” he said. At the time the bear was at the woods that back up to his house located in Bedford County, just outside the city limits. He was also able to get some pictures from inside his house as the bear passed by a window.

    “He hung around for five or six minutes,” Grant said. “Thankfully I haven’t seen him any since.”

    Grant said he was told the unexpected visitor was probably a 2 year old bear that had just broken away from his mother and was looking around for a place to stay.

    “I haven’t seen him since and no one else in the neighborhood has either.”

    While his home has had numerous other wildlife guests such as deer and skunks, Grant has never had a bear drop in before.

    “I don’t know if he ever saw me,” Grant said. “It never bothered him that I was standing there.”