Blatant terrorism

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It shouldn’t be a difficult decision.
    On Nov. 5, 2009, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan pulled out a gun, shouted “Allahu akbar,” and began shooting at the Army military base Fort Hood in Texas. Thirteen people were killed, another 30 injured.
    The 39-ear-old Hasan made it clear from the start: His actions were to stop American military personnel from fighting in Afghanistan—to stop them from killing his fellow Muslims. “Allahu akbar,” meaning God is great, is a common phrase used by Muslims engaged in jihad, their “holy war.” That was his battle cry.
    Hasan was engaged in terrorism, plain and simple.
    So why have his actions been classified as “workplace violence?”
    It’s all about political correctness. The Obama Administration has refused to acknowledge the serious threat Muslim extremists pose and continues to bumble its way through the realities of this issue.
    The President began his Administration with an apology tour, detailing this nation’s supposed “wrongs” against the Muslim world and has remained soft, including most recently attempting to label the attack on the embassy in Benghazi as a response to an anti-Muslim video, not as a planned terrorist attack.
    Hasan is just another dismissive action by the Administration. And it’s hurting the very ones who were the victims in this case.
    Because of the decision, victims have been robbed of benefits they should receive and have been robbed of the dignity they deserve of receiving the Purple Heart, given to those military personnel wounded in battle. Even more outrageous is the fact that Hasan has been receiving his military pay since the shooting because of the designation of the event as workplace violence.
    Hasan hasn’t been shy to tell the court he did the shooting; and he hasn’t been shy to say why.
    Only the Administration seems unwilling to accept the reality of this situation.