Board knows its hardwoods

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Liberty, SRHS honored for state hoop runs

By Mike Forster

The Bedford County School Board recognized two outstanding basketball teams during last week’s meeting.

Both the Liberty Minutemen and the Staunton River Lady Eagles were recognized with certificates and ribbons at the start of the Thursday meeting.

Each player’s name was announced and, as the player came forward, he or she was congratulated by Superintendent Dr. James Blevins and Board Chairman Gary Hostutler.

The Minutemen advanced as far as the State semifinals this year.  The Lady Eagles made it to the quarterfinals.

Nearly all of the players from each team made it to the ceremony.

“It’s a big honor, being that I grew up here,” said Carlton Payne, one of the Liberty team captains.

Added fellow captain Kordero Thompson, “Our basketball team hasn’t gone that far in a while.  It’s nice to get recognition from the community.”

“We have really appreciated everything that the community has done for us,” noted  Ashleigh Overstreet, a team captain for Staunton River.  “This year with everyone’s support, it made us work harder in practice and the support was overwhelming at the games.”

School Division Policy and Public Relations Coordinator Ryan Edwards and Blevins came up with the idea of honoring the teams.

Edwards wanted to ensure that the teams knew their accomplishments were appreciated.  

He stated, “We (wanted to) show them that not only are their parents, teachers, and home communities proud of them, but the entire County is proud of them as well.”