BOO! You know what’s coming!

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By Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown
Dial 9-1-1

Kids love Halloween!

    Dressing up, scary make-up, and free candy! What’s not to love? Let’s keep this Halloween safe for everyone.
    With just a little common sense, everyone can enjoy their treats, and no one will “tricked” or injured this October 31. Adult supervision is a must for the younger goblins, and please be sure the costumes are visible with reflective strips. Have them carry glow sticks or flash lights.
    Be sure they are able to see from behind their mask, or have them wear make-up instead, so their sight is not impaired. Remind your little ones before you head out, that they must follow the rules for walking and crossing the roads such as looking both ways before crossing and not darting into the street. Adults need to be on their toes and keep their little ones safe. Remain visible and be sure kids NEVER enter anyone’s house unless it’s a friend or relative that you know.       
    Though we’d like to think Trick-or-Treating is all about fun, there is a serious dark side that parents must be made aware. Know the area and neighborhoods in which you plan on going. If you haven’t done so yet, I strongly suggest that every parent go to the VA Sex Offender Registry and know where the sex offenders are located and be sure to  stay away from those houses! This is public and is free  for anyone to use: www.sexoffender.vsp.virginia.gov.
    Also be sure to check all of your children’s treats and immediately discard anything that is opened, ripped or appears that it may have been tampered with. Adults also need to be vigilant of all that is going on around them. Report any signs of vandalism, fights or unruly behavior you may witness. Stress the importance of children NEVER getting into a stranger’s car or even talking to strangers on the street.
    A little planning and a little common sense goes a long way! Wishing all the ghouls and goblins in Bedford a fun and SAFE Halloween!