Break-in leads to warning

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Woman urges caution after theft at her home

By Tom Wilmoth

    After having her house broken into Friday, a Bedford woman is warning people about the men she believes committed the crime.
    Beverly Stanley of Timber Ridge Road said a number of items were taken from her home Friday morning after two men knocked on doors in the area, asking for directions to Wal-Mart. She said if someone was home, the two men moved on. But she wasn’t and her house was targeted as a result, she believes.
    “They busted in my back door,” she said.
    The items taken included several flat screen TV’s, handguns and computers.
    Stanley said the men apparently stopped at two other houses next to her home, including at the residence of her mother.
    “They were asking for directions to Wal-Mart,” she said.
    One woman thought the men were acting suspicious and called the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office to report the activity.

    She gave the investigators a description of two black men, driving a dark blue, four-door sedan. One of the men was described as being young and thin, the other older with a medium build.
    Stanley said the woman became suspicious after the men went the opposite direction from how she had told them to go to Wal-Mart.
    Stanley’s son, who stopped by her home, discovered the burglary. The door had been busted in. She said among the items taken were an old laptop and a digital camera. While those items have little monetary value, she said both are important to her—and she’d like to get them back.
    Stanley said the laptop is nine years old—“It’s not worth $5”—but has three years of her family's pictures on it as well as personal documents. The digital camera has the memory card with pictures from this year’s Christmas get-together.
    “Those are things you can’t replace with insurance or money,” she said. “They pretty much just trashed the place. … It really does feel like you’ve been violated.”
    Stanley said she’s concerned about area residents who might not answer the door, only to have the men break in their home while they are there. “That’s not a good situation for anybody,” she said.
    She’s also concerned about the handguns registered to her family being “out there somewhere.”
    “Keep the stupid camera, give me back my Christmas pictures,” she said.
    Stanley said she can only hope her items might show up
    Major Ricky Gardner of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office said another break-in Friday, of a similar nature, occurred at a residence on Big Spring Road off Peaks Road. In that theft, a door was also forced open, the house was ransacked and a Dell computer and $100 in cash was taken.
    “Investigators are working on it,” he said of the incidents.
    Anyone with information on the crimes may contact Central Virginia Crime Stoppers at 888-798-5900, or the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office at 540-586-7827. All crime stopper callers remain anonymous and could receive a reward.