C. G. Stanley

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By John Barnhart

    C. G. Stanley has served on Bedford City Council since 2002. With Bedford’s reversion to town status coming up on July 1, Stanley is seeking a seat on the new Town Council.

    He’s a Bedford native.
    “I’ve got some good memories of growing up here, good lasting memories,” he said.
    Stanley described Bedford as a thriving community in his youth.
    “It was a bustling little community,” he said. “They didn’t roll the streets up.”
    Stanley works for Appalachian. He’s a supervisor for a department that, among other duties handles connections, disconnections and investigates energy theft in the an area that runs from Roanoke to Lynchburg.
    “For the most part, I enjoy it,” Stanley said of his decade on City Council.
    Stanely was not on the committee that negotiated the reversion agreement with the county, but he said the committee kept the rest of Council informed about what was going on.
    “It was a learning experience for all of us,” he added.
    Stanley expects that there will be some bumps in the road as the city reverts to a town and he’s sure that the incumbents will encounter some new issues as they move forward—but he’s optimistic.
    “I’m looking forward to seeing it rolled on out and moving forward.”
    Stanley said that schools and economic development will benefit from reversion.
    “We will now have an elected representative on the school board,” he said, describing one benefit.
    Reversion also means that, as the town will be part of the county, economic development will be consolidated in one department with one person overseeing. it.
    Reversion will also keep the tax rate from going up. Stanley said the tax rate would have had to go up if the city had not reverted to town status because industries that were once a mainstay of the tax base are gone.
    “I see this reversion as a win/win,” he said, although he is sure that the town will encounter bumps in the road as it moves forward. Stanley said a challenge will be to bring a major industrial employer  to the town.
    “Right now that seems tough,” he said. “That’s going to be the biggest challenge moving forward.”
    Stanley likes the Harmony project on the west side of Bedford.
    “I think it has very good potential,” Stanley said. “I think it will be good for the local economy.”
    Stanley has a lot of positive comments to say about the city’s staff.
    “I think we have a great city manager,” he said. “Charlie does a fantastic job, he and his staff”
    Stanley credits Bedford City Manager Charles Kolakowski as always being up front with City Council members.