Camp Virginia Jaycee hires new staff

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By John Barnhart

    Camp Virginia Jaycee will reopen on July 26 for its last three sessions of the summer.

    The camp closed earlier this month after an internal investigation discovered that an adult camper did not receive her scheduled dose of a prescribed medication on time. Camp Jaycee serves adults with mental disabilities and those who are on medications require assistance to make sure they take the proper dose at the proper time. The camp director and medical director were fired as a result of the incident and two nurses were suspended.

    Reopening required finding replacements for these people and Tom King, chairman of the camp’s board of directors, said that the camp has been able to hire nurses, as well as obtaining nurses through a nursing agency. The camp also now has hired an interim camp director. Maile Armstrong, of Montvale to fill that role. Armstrong was the camp’s director from 1990 until 1994 and has since held other related jobs.

    King said that the camp will accommodate between 50 and 60 campers each week for the three remaining sessions. This a reduced number. The camp was originally set up for approximately 75 and King said that this is a reduced level from the number served last year. King said that donations have been down and the camp depends on donations to lower the  cost of  a week at the camp.

    King said camp staff began calling campers’ families last week to tell them that the camp is up and running again.

    It still could use nurses. King said that the camp can hire a nurse for half of what it costs to get a nurse through a staffing agency. If you’re interested and qualified, e-mail the camp at nfo@campvajc.org.