Car going wrong way on US 460 causes accident

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By John Barnhart

A North Carolina woman made what could have been a fatal mistake last week.


    According to Lt. Todd Foreman, of the Bedford City Police, Sergeant Robert Monk headed out on a report of an SUV driving the wrong way  on    U. S. 460 last Tuesday, May 7.
    Monk spotted the errant SUV just before it hit a westbound Ford Explorer driven by Edward Daniel, 73, of Bedford. Daniel was able to avoid a head-on collision by swerving right and the SUV ended up sideswiping his vehicle. Davis was wearing his seatbelt and his airbags deployed. Foreman said that, as a result, Davis suffered only bruises.
    “He’s proof seatbelts save lives,” said Foreman.
    According to Foreman, the SUV, a Kia Sorrento driven by Nichole Daniel, a North Carolina resident, was traveling at 60 mph and Davis was traveling at 55 mph. This means that the collision occurred at a relative speed of 110 mph.
    Daniel is also an example of the value of seatbelts in a crash. Foreman said that she was also wearing her seatbelt and was not injured in the crash, escaping with just bruises.
    So, how did she end up driving east, in the left-hand lane of U. S. 460’s westbound lanes? According to Foreman, Daniel said she is not familiar with the roads here and thought she was on a two-lane highway.
    She has been charged with reckless driving.