Cav booters prevail

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But Minutemen make 'em earn it

By Mike Forster

  How is it possible for two teams to emerge from a contest as winners?

Technically, Jefferson Forest's boys soccer team reigned victorious in its match with Liberty.  After all, the scoreboard read "Home 4, Visitors 0."

For the Minutemen, however, this was a great moral victory.

Jefferson Forest, the burden of maintaining its winning streak lifted from its collective shoulders, seemed poised to make mincemeat of the M-Men.

Make no mistake, the Cavs looked crisp in dispatching the upstarts from Bedford City.

"I'm just glad we got back on track," said JF Head Coach Jedd Zaring.  "Once we got going, we made it difficult for them."

Things got going for the Cavs when Drew Henderson and Carlos Muñoz caused a pileup in front of the Liberty goal ten minutes into the match.  Doug Dickerson took advantage of the ensuing confusion to drill home JF's first goal of the game.

Midway through the first, Matthew Crider got into the swing of things.  The sophomore scoring machine drilled home a pair of goals.  The tallies came within 50 seconds of one another and came from nearly the same spot on the field.

On both goals, Crider blew past the Liberty defense on sharp lead passes from the same guy:  Tyler Bullock.

JF's final goal came on a mammoth in-bounding pass from Trevor Jannah.  His toss appeared as though it would have gone in by itself (which would have been disallowed).  Luckily for the Cavs, Taylor Edmundson was hanging around the goal mouth.  The senior was able to use his chest to push along Jannah's feed for the goal.

Jannah, by the way, seems to have perfected the art of the entertaining throw-in.  He races toward the side line, plants the ball on the ground, and uses it to launch tail over head.

When he becomes upright, he uses all of that built-up momentum to send the ball toward his desired target.  Jannah stands 5' 5", but his tosses are the envy of players who tower above the six-foot mark.

Jannah is also a mainstay on defense.  Along with R.J Goodwin, Jacob Jennings and Pierce Saunders (among others), the JF defense made life easy for keepers Jeremy Lee, Chris Palazzi and Case Schiefer, who came away from the night with a total of three saves.

Liberty's Cody Sellers had  a big night between the pipes, hauling in 11 saves.  The goals he yielded were clean and clear shots where no keeper would have had much of a chance.  "Kudos to (Sellers)," said Coach Zaring.

One notable Sellers save came on a diving header by Cav Teddy Delledera.  To use the argot, "He was robbed."

Liberty Head Coach Eric Seckman noted, "I think all in all, it was a fairly positive night, being that it was only 4-0 against the number one team in the state, I say we are coming along nicely."

On that point, the coach will get no argument from this quarter.