Cavs take a bye week

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By Mike Forster

Forest takes its 2-0 record into its bye week. But it won’t rest on its laurels. Instead, it’ll be getting ready for E.C. Glass, and the game against the Hilltoppers next Thursday.

This past Monday, the Cavs were back in the weight room, under the watchful eyes of strength gurus Jeremy Hardison and David Carter.

The two coaches have helped to make a noticeable difference in the Cavs this year.

Most of the players look, and play, as though they lived the entire summer in the wight room.

Head Coach Don Rice believes that in-season lifting is a good thing. He is appreciative of the effort his players made over the summer and the leadership that Hardison and Carter provided. “They take so much pride in what they do,” he stated.

The extra time also gives the Cavs an opportunity to provide some polish to what has thus far been an impressive team.

One area that will likely get a lot of attention is return team coverage. Against Staunton River, the Cavs gave up long returns on seemingly every kick. Against Rockbridge, the Wildcats only touchdown came on a return.

You can bet that the coverage teams will spend quite a bit of time on understanding lane discipline.

The additional time will also give the Cavs opportunity to refine some twists to their game. “We still haven’t shown everything,” said Rice, giving the impression that he might have a trick or two up his sleeve.

The guess here is that the majority of the emphasis will be on the Glass game. Last year, the Hilltoppers had their only win of the year in a stunner over JF. Given that Glass is a AAA school, the playoff points from a win over the Hilltoppers is, indeed, a juicy target for Forest.