Charging the NRA’s barricades

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By John Barnhart

    A Wall Street Journal editorial recently noted how President Barack Obama, despite his call for civil political debate, never ceases to demonize his opponents, attributing to them the basest motives. My guess is that this isn’t something peculiar to President Obama, but rather a general characteristic of American left-wing extremists.
    Every week Rick Howell does us a great favor by giving us glimpses into the dark, cobweb-filled corridors of the liberal mind. Resorting to the same tactic, last week—of demonizing political opponents that his fearless leader in the Oval Office uses—Mr. Howell declared that there is no difference between the National Rifle Association and the propaganda machine Joseph Goebbels built for Adolf Hitler. I guess, in Mr. Howell’s mind, the NRA’s four million members are nothing more than a bunch of Nazis. Make that 4.25 million members. The NRA has seen a 250,000 increase in its membership since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.
    Why would that happen?
    It happened for the same reason that gun sales have skyrocketed during the same time period. It was obvious, in the wake of the school killings, that the gun control lobby would seize on the tragedy and try to make hay before the blood dries. These folks are determined to capitalize on the childrens’ deaths to gain back all the ground they have lost during the past decade. Americans know this and that’s why the NRA has seen its membership jump, and I bet other pro 2nd Amendment rights organizations have also seen membership grow. Americans who value their Constitutional rights know that it’s going to be important to fight against this effort.
    The NRA is not a gun manufacturer’s lobby. The NRA gets its power from its large membership. These folks vote, and call their elected officials.  Senator Joe Manchin recently backed off some pro-gun control statements he made following the shooting, and I suspect that’s because his office got an earful from his constituents.
    The fight that the gun control advocates want to fight has nothing to do with making public schools safer. It’s a fight against law-abiding American citizens’ right to keep and bear arms. For some reason the American political left can’t stand the idea of an armed public and their goal is to ultimately disarm us.
    If they actually wanted to do something to prevent another school shooting, they would get behind the idea of having armed security guards inside schools. Schools, like malls and theaters, are targets for people bent on mass murder because they bring lots of people together in a gun-free zone. The gun-free zone means a shooter knows he won’t encounter an armed adult until the police get there, after he has already had plenty of time to kill.
    Armed security guards would ensure that a would-be mass murderer would be assured of encountering an armed adult. Furthermore, he  would be encountering an armed adult who has been trained to deal with an armed assailant, with murder on his mind, inside a building that’s also filled with children. Adam Lanza killed himself as soon as he heard police arriving because he knew he would soon encounter trained, armed adults and lose control of the situation. He would have never had control of the situation in the first place had there been an armed security guard on duty at the school, and had Lanza known that, he probably wouldn’t have launched his attack in the first place.
    However, all leftists are interested in is disarming law-abiding citizens and they have a left wing ideologue of a president who’s willing to lead the charge against the NRA’s barricades. Let’s hope, for the sake of our liberty and our Constitutional rights, liberals lose this fight.