A circus, complete with clowns

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By John Barnhart

Soon Congress will be packing it in for the year and heading home for Christmas. One of the things this means is that it will probably be a good idea to avoid airport men's rooms as Sen. Larry Craig will be on the loose. Another thing it means is that the "Democrats'" first year in control of Congress has ended.

Looking back on their performance, it's no wonder that Congress' approval rating, at 20 percent, is even lower than President Bush's, which stands at 32 percent. Both of these figures come from a Gallup poll taken in mid-November.

During the past year, Congress has accomplished virtually nothing. The members haven't even been able to pass a budget, even though the new federal fiscal year began in October. About all they have been able to do is turn Congress into a three-ring partisan political circus complete with clowns.

One of the prime clown acts has been Nancy Pelosi. So far the first female speaker of the House of Representatives' claim to fame has been a failed attempt to make a corrupt political crony the House majority leader and a couple of ill-considered attempts to make foreign policy.

Pelosi started the "Democrats'" rule in the House by backing John Murtha for the "Democrats'" top political post in the House of Representatives. This failed because there were enough "Democrats" who at least had the decency to oppose this ethically challenged fellow and elect Steny Hoyer instead.

A couple of months later, she made a pilgrimage to Syria, wearing a head scarf, to kiss Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's rear end. Then she went on to Saudi Arabia where she praised the kingdom. If an elected female Republican had done this, "Democrats" would have surely pointed out that female citizens of Saudi Arabia aren't even allowed to drive a car much less hold high office.

Then, in the autumn, Pelosi felt that the most important thing in the world was to pass a resolution to condemn the Ottoman Empire's slaughter of Armenians in 1915 as genocide. Maybe she didn't realize that everybody even remotely familiar with that period of history already knew this was genocide. Perhaps she was also unaware of the fact that the Ottoman Empire no longer exists. It was on the losing side of World War I and was dismantled by the victorious Allies. Iraq as well as Syria and Saudi Arabia were part of this empire. The Ottoman monarchy was ultimately swept away in 1923 by an uprising that created modern Turkey.

What this timely resolution, 92 years after the event, accomplished was to antagonize Turkey, the world's only Muslim democracy and a long-time American ally. We transport a lot of the supplies to our troops in Iraq via American bases in Turkey. Fortunately, the reality dawned on most House "Democrats" that they were about to create a foreign policy disaster and they deserted their fearless leader before her bit of foolishness ever came to a vote.

"Democrats" in Congress have also made it a priority to attempt to force President Bush to pull a cut-and-run in Iraq by pulling the financial rug out from under our troops. They tried this before President Bush's surge took effect. They are still determined to do it, even though there is ample evidence that the surge, combined with new strategies, is working. The number of terrorist attacks have dropped in recent months, along with the number of U. S. troops and Iraqi civilians getting killed. Apparently the "Democratic" party (owned and operated by MoveOn.org) is going to do what the party's left-wing extremists want, regardless of the facts.

What will they do when they come back in January? It's an election year with every House of Representative seat, a third of the Senate and the presidency up for grabs. Expect the partisan nonsense to get worse. Meanwhile, Iran continues to forge ahead with its efforts to produce enriched uranium in quantity and missiles with ever greater range.