City: Power outages on AEP side

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According to Bedford City Manager Charles Kolakowski, the cause of Monday's multiple power outages in Bedford has been tracked down.

The city lost power numerous times during the late morning and early afternoon hours. The outages disrupted businesses, causing computer systems to go down multiple times.

Kolakowski said that city electric department crews, working in cooperation with American Electric Power (AEP), traced the problem to control wires on circuit breakers at an AEP substation that feeds power to the city's power grid. AEP has fixed the problem.

Kolakowski said that Monday's problem was also probably related to power outages the city suffered on Wednesday and Thursday last week. Both of those were due to a problem at the same substation. AEP equipment sensed a higher power load on the lines than there really was and tripped circuit breakers.

This system, when functioning properly, is designed to prevent electrical overloads.

"We appreciate the job our crews did," Kolakowski said. "We appreciate the job AEP did getting this tracked down and fixed."