City reduces time for late payments on power bills

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By John Barnhart

    City Council Members were briefed on an electrical new disconnect policy at a work session last week.

    According to City Manager Charles Kolakowski and City Treasurer Debbie Roberts, Bedford, for a number of years, has waited for electrical customers to get two months in arrears on their electric bills before cutting power. A new policy will accelerate this.
    Under the new policy, customers who have not paid their electric bill will get a disconnect notice five days after the due date passes without a payment. They will then have 10 days to pay the bill, or power will be disconnected. The late fee for an overdue bill will rise from the current 1.5 percent to 3 percent and the minimum late fee is $5.
    This policy change did not require a vote by City Council.
    City Council was also briefed on a change to landfill hours. Kolakowski told Council that there are not enough people coming in to justify keeping it open eight hours a day. The landfill’s hours will be reduced to  four  hours  a  day, six days a week. It will be open from 8 a.m. until noon, although people will be able to make an appointment to dump at other times. Kolakowski said that this frees up the employee who works in the scale house for other duties. This will take effect in August or September — Kolakowski did not give a specific date.
    During Council’s regular meeting, John Owen was appointed to the Joint City/County Economic Development Authority and Vicki Esposito was appointed to the Keep Bedford Beautiful Commission.