Commentary: The hostess with the mostest

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Another Favrian drama unfolds.

By Mike Forster

 Brett Favre’s name is being dragged through the muck these days.  Surprisingly, it has little to do with his propensity to throw interceptions at the most inopportune times.

Nor does it have to do with yet another Hamlet-like waffling over his career options.

No.  This roasting is coming as a result of some alleged tawdry actions.

Specifically, Favre is being investigated by the NFL for possibly harassing his team’s former game-day hostess when the QB was with the New York Jets.

Seems Favre may have sent some unwanted and lewd photos of himself to this young lady.  Supposedly, he also kept bugging her after she made it clear she didn’t want to be bugged.

I have one question here.

What is a game-day hostess?

One time, while in Tokyo, I got to stay on the fanciest floor of some ritzy hotel. (I wasn’t paying for it--trust me.)

The floor had a lounge.  The lounge had a hostess assigned to it.  Her job was to make sure the ice bucket was full, that the bar was stocked and the ashtrays were emptied.

Our hostess looked nothing like the Jets’ game day hostess.  And I don’t mean that only because that Jets’ team hostess was not Japanese.

I have seen photos of the hostess that is at the center of this controversy.  The woman, Jenn Sterger, is quite attractive.

My goal was to share a photo of her here, so that you’d have an idea of what kind of looks might drive Favre to distraction.

I found a shot of her that was appropriate.  I called the New York Daily News, whose photographer took the shot.

Regrettably, the News wanted $125 for a reprint.

I spoke with a nice lady from the offices of the News:  Angela, with a strong Brooklyn twang.

She wasn’t ready to move much off of that $125 price tag.

Since that princely sum is greater than what our entire photo staff makes for a week, I figured I’d back off from that idea.

Plus, we are a family newspaper, afterall.  The shots that I found of Ms. Sterger might be a bit too much for this staid publication.  And for the tickers of our older guys.

Anyway, back to the Jets.  It is quite doubtful that they hired Jenn Sterger because she is quick to fill up an ice bucket or to refresh the hors d’oeuvre tray.

Seems to me that they brought her on because of her looks.

Now, assuming that is so, I ask another question:  Why do teams need to hire attractive young women to hang around the team’s locker room?

By definition, this is a recipe for disaster:  throwing a pretty girl into a toxic mix of entitlement and testosterone.

What are these guys, Arabian princes who have somehow merited harem girls?

Personally, I am beyond caring about Favre.  I have lived through at least three real or rumored retirements.

We’ve witnessed his dramatic and tearful battle with alcohol and painkillers.

We’ve seen his prima donna antics play out on three different teams.

Was he a great quarterback?  Sure.  Still is a pretty darn good one, in fact.

It’s just that he’s such a drama sponge.

My concern is that this little scene being played out of New York is not the end of Favre’s brush with the dramatic.

It will continue until there is not a single NFL team willing to bring him into its fold.

The only thing I am certain of after that is that he won’t parlay his dramatics into a screen career.

I’ve seen “There’s Something about Mary.,” in which he appeared.

Favre may have a flair for the dramatic.  But, thankfully, the boy just can’t act worth a darn.