Commentary: Short rants

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By Mike Forster

By now, you’ve heard all the whining about how this World Series is the Clash of the Midgets. Or how it is a World Series between JV teams.

Yes, both teams have known futility

The Phillies were the first team in the majors to suffer 10,000 defeats.

Tampa Bay has never had a winning season until this year.

So, I agree, historically, both teams are bad.

But, we’re not talking history here. We’re talking today.

Once the Cubs (sob) and the Angels were knocked out, there was no clearly better team left in the running.

There was also clearly no worse team left.

Both Tampa Bay and Philly are legit this year, despite their woeful pasts.

The best Series we’ve had this century was in 2001 (Arizona-Yanks). Nobody expected much out of that one, either.

By the way, Tampa-Philly is the first Series since 2001 to feature two division-winning teams--not a wild card team.


A couple of weeks ago, I complained about ailing insurance giant AIG’s continued sponsorship of English soccer team Manchester United.

My gripe was that we, the taxpayers, are paying for AIG’s foray into the world of sports.

There are a couple other sponsorships that I find puzzling. I don’t understand why the U.S. Army sponsors NASCAR’s Mark Martin. Nor do I get why the U.S. Postal Service sponsors a Tour de France team.

Surely, there isn’t a person in this great country of ours who is not aware that we have an Army and a postal service.


I’m a Minnesota Gopher fan, being an alumnus of that fine institution.

You’d think, therefore, I’d be thrilled because, having six wins under their collective belt, the Gophers are bowl-eligible.

Sorry, gang. Wins over Northern Illinois, Bowling Green, Florida Atlantic, Indiana and Montana State don’t get me terribly juiced.

Nor will the inevitable invitation to the Insight Bowl

Yes, the Minnesota win over Illinois was a good one. Now, how about beating Iowa?

I’m not a huge fan of either UVa or Virginia Tech. But, I have to admire their taking on non-league foes such as USC and Nebraska, rather than the likes of Montana State.


Speaking of non-league foes, doesn’t it seem like East Carolina is playing every single ACC team this season?

Can anyone enlighten me as to why the Pirates weren’t a part of the ACC expansion earlier this decade? Wouldn’t they have been a more logical addition than Boston College?


Rumors have Virginia Tech defensive guru Bud Foster in the running for the vacant top job at Clemson. With increasing frequency, Foster’s name is bandied about whenever such a job opens.

Wouldn’t Tech be smart to lock Foster into a contract which puts him in the driver’s seat whenever Frank Beamer decides to step down?

It would mimic the arrangement that Jimbo Fisher has at Florida State to succeed Bobby Bowden.

Such an arrangement gets rid of a lot of in-season static.


Did you notice the NHL is in full swing already? The NFL season wasn’t even six weeks old, and MLB’s playoffs had just started, when the pucksters kicked off their regular season.

By the time some group of Finns, Ruskies and Canucks skates off with Lord Stanley’s Cup, it’ll be almost July.

I suppose the strategy is, since there’s such a lagging interest in the sport, the only way to make any money is via year-round play.


Focusing back on more local concerns: There is a distinct probability that we’ll have five (of seven) Seminole football teams in the playoffs.

There is also a distinct possibility that we’ll see two Seminole teams playing for state championships on Saturday, Dec. 6, at Liberty University.

The Division 3 title game is at noon and the Division 4 tilt is at 4:15.