Congressional functions

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As as voter of the fifth district I cast my ballot for a Congressman to represent my interests in Congress, at least until the next election. I voted for Robert Hurt.  I am wondering how many other voters who voted for him are concerned by his approval of creating a super commission to decide future taxing/spending questions.  Now, instead of having him represent my desires for less spending and less taxation, I am asked to accept his decision to give away his Constitutional duties to 12 members of the House and the Senate.  First, the house is where all bills for taxation originate in the House, but not anymore. The separation of powers has been abandoned by his actions.  At a shopping center the other evening, I asked the vehicle owner who had a Hurt for Congress bumper sticker on his car if he still approved of Hurt.  He also had a conservative sticker supporting the Fair Tax.  His response was that he didn't any longer, mainly because of his caving on the stopping of spending by Congress in a nation that is bankrupt.  Well, that is four votes that wll not be for Hurt in 2012.  If you feel that Hurt has betrayed his oath of office, write to him and tell him so. The democrats passed health care by bribing members of the senate and pelouse's house members,  No Republicans voted for either versions of this abomanation giving health care by socialism to the 300,000,000 plus people in the US, now the congress and the senate are OK with giving the future of our nation to 6 house members and 6 illegal members of the Senate.