County's Tourism Director leaving post here

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By Tom Wilmoth

    Bedford County Director of Tourism Sergei Troubetzkoy is leaving his position here to become the city of Lynchburg’s director of tourism.
    Lynchburg City Manager Kim Payne announced Tuesday that he had appointed Troubetzkoy to that position, effective July 2.
    The appointment was made after a five-month nationwide search for a director to lead the new city department.  According to Payne, he and a panel of representatives of the city and partners in the hospitality and tourism industries interviewed a number of candidates, making the final decision a difficult one.
    “The tourism industry is a vital part of the city’s economy.  Although we had candidates from all over the country, Sergei stood out as the ideal person to lead the Tourism Department,” he said.
    Payne cited Troubetzkoy’s years of experience in the tourism industry, his relationships with Virginia Tourism Corporation staff members in Richmond, and his reputation throughout the state as all important factors in his appointment.
    “I am confident that Sergei will do an excellent job in leading the Tourism Department,” said  Payne.  “I know he will continue to work with our tourism partners in promoting our city for business and leisure travel.” 
    Before assuming the position of Director of Tourism in Bedford County in 2007, Troubetzkoy served in the same position in Staunton and in Petersburg. 
    In addition to his extensive background in the tourism industry, he has served as an officer on three major tourism organizations including the Virginia Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus, the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association and the Shenandoah Valley Travel Association.
    “I look forward to beginning this new opportunity,” said Troubetzkoy.  “Lynchburg has so much to offer, and I am delighted for the opportunity to promote such a wonderful city and the region that it anchors.”
    Troubetzkoy, however, said he will continue to live in Bedford and anticipates continuing to work with the Bedford community on some cooperative efforts.
    “It was not an easy decision for me to make,” he said Tuesday morning. “But at this stage of my career it is a good move for me. I plan on keeping close ties to the Bedford community.”
    He added that there might be the possibility of creating a regional tourism program, that would cover both Lynchburg and Bedford. “We do share a lot of history,” he said, adding both communities send visitors to the other.
    A regional program would provide a better way to promote the entire region, Troubetzkoy said.
    “Most tourists who come to Bedford aren’t spending their entire time in Bedford County,” he said. “They are visiting either Lynchburg or Roanoke.”
     Troubetzkoy said he notified officials with Bedford County about his decision last week. “They knew it was a possibility before that,” he added.