Deaths of dogs called ‘mysterious’

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By Tom Wilmoth

Animal control officers with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the “mysterious” deaths of at least eight dogs in the Forest area.

    The deaths have occurred in the areas around Thomas Jefferson Road and Maple Street. A number of dogs have been found dead at their homes and others occurred after sick dogs had been taken to local veterinarians.
    According to Sheriff Mike Brown the deaths occurred during the past two weeks.
    At this time, Brown said they have not been able to determine the cause of the deaths and there hasn’t been any indication of poison in the dogs. “A number of tests have been run,” he said Friday. “They do not know what killed the dogs.”
    At least one died while having a seizure after being taken to a veterinarian’s office.
    All of the dogs had different owners—some were outdoor dogs and some were kept mostly indoors. Brown said state officials are involved with the investigation.