"Democrats" gift to the GOP

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By John Barnhart

    The “Democrats” reaction, in the wake of last month’s election reminds me of how the Republicans reacted to the election of 2006. They couldn’t quite figure out what happened to them, wandered around on the freeway in a daze, and got run over by another electoral 18-wheeler in 2008.

    The donkeys don’t seem to have any better grip on their situation. Proof of this is that their first order of business, when the House convened its lame duck session, was to choose Nancy Pelosi as the House minority leader for the next Congress. Pelosi is a very stubborn, inflexible left-wing zealot. She was the chief architect of the ObamaCare and cap and trade legislation that got so many members of her party voted out of office last month.
    Pelosi will be a wonderful gift from the “Democratic” Party to the Republican Party in coming elections. She greatly helped Republicans during the last election, providing them with their poster girl for campaign literature. Now, she will continue to be useful to Republicans as the extremist face of the “Democratic” Party.
    The “Democrats” just can’t seem to understand that they got themselves in trouble precisely because a solid majority of voters rejected their liberal agenda. Two years ago, they misunderstood the results of the elections of 2006 and 2008. They thought it meant that Americans were opting for a political left turn. In reality, however, people did not vote for “Democrats;” they voted against Republicans for their failure to stand on their principles.
    So, with that misunderstanding of the voters’ mood and both houses of Congress and the White House in “Democratic” hands, the “Democrats” headed for left-wing Never Never Land. America, however, remained a center-right country and voters became increasingly upset with both the “Democrats’” radical agenda and the fact that Congressional “Democrats” were ignoring them when they objected. As a result, we threw the rascals out, including some long-term incumbents like Rick Boucher.
    Another sign that liberal “Democrats” are clueless is their angry reaction to the tax deal that President Barack Obama worked out with Republicans. President Obama is a left-wing ideologue, but suffering from Liberal Syndrome has not affected his intelligence. I think he fully grasps the fact that he won in 2008 by capturing a majority of the middle. By the same token, “Democrats” lost big time in 2010 because Republicans won the majority of the middle. He knows that, after living on the left for two years, he needs to pull a Slick Willy, move toward the center and rebuild his shattered credibility with these folks.
    So far, all he’s accomplished is angering his party’s left wing. These dim-bulbs seem honestly convinced that American voters will actually buy their snake oil if they just do a better job at communicating. At the same time, voters in the middle remain unconvinced about whether President Obama learned anything from the recent election. Barack Obama burned them once by running as a centrist, then turning sharply to the left once he was elected. He has a long road ahead of him to convince those voters that he’s learned his lesson.
    Meanwhile, Pelosi and her extremist buddies are working hard to help the Republicans extend, in 2012, the gains they made in 2010. If they can get a white liberal to successfully snatch the renomination away from President Barack Obama, America’s first black president, they will also hand the White House to the Republicans on a silver platter.
    Of course, this depends on the Republicans’ good behavior over the next two years. They have to remember that they are still on probation in the eyes of American voters and they can still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.