Did we commit national suicide in November?

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By John Barnhart

    Congress took off for its spring break at the end of last month after the Senate produced its version of a budget for the first time in four years. Up until now the only thing it’s done is refuse to act on House bills.    
    Around the same time, president Barack Obama took off on vacation, one of the few things he does well. Actually, I should be more charitable as he isn’t the worst president we ever had. I think Jimmy Carter is still the proud holder of that honor. We’ve also had a few other zeros in the White House. Names like Martin Van Buren and Franklin Pierce come to mind when I think of that category of presidents. Barack Obama may not be a zero, but he certainly is not a great president — not a George Washington, an Abraham Lincoln, a Franklin Roosevelt or a Ronald Reagan.
    Looking back on the last election it seems like we were doomed to have a crummy president no matter who won. As one would expect, the “Democrats” gave Barack Obama the nod for another term. It’s almost unheard of for a political party to not nominate a sitting president of its own for a second term. Besides, the “Democrats,” unlike the Republicans, are smart enough to not antagonize a key constituency, which was what they would have done had they not renominated America’s first black, or at least half-black, president.
    Republicans put up Mitt Romney, who I believe would have also been mediocre if he had been elected. As Case Pieterman mentioned in a letter to the editor two weeks ago, I wrote at one point that Mitt Romney is a liar. I based that statement on the fact that  most of what he claimed to be for while running for president marked an almost complete U-turn from the way he governed as governor of Massachusetts. However, I think Barack Obama is a liar, too, so the issue of honesty became a matter of six-of-one and half-a-dozen of the other as I chose between the two. I voted for Romney because Barack Obama is also an inflexible left-wing ideologue. I’m still not sure what Romney is, but I was willing to take a chance on him to get rid of Obama.
    We ended up getting Obama back for another four years and, watching him since the election has left me more convinced than I was five months ago that we may have committed national suicide by reelecting him. He is clearly determined to dismantle American influence in the world and has chosen a secretary of state and a secretary defense who share his views. They are going to help him  dismantle it.
    Meanwhile, his weak leadership in foreign policy in his first term means that the more thuggish entities in our global community feel safe to challenge him. North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Eun, has been breathing out threats and menaces at an even higher level than his father. The Chinese government, feeling that China is rising and America is in terminal decline, is throwing its weight around in East Asia. China is increasingly bullying its neighbors, confident that President Obama’s pivot to Asia is meaningless because the United States is increasingly less able to militarily back that pivot up with the credible possibility of force. Rick Howell has often called America an empire, but China, in coming years, will teach him and his fellow American leftists what an empire really is.
    In the Middle East, President Obama makes statements and Iran’s leaders ignore him. In Russia, Tsar Vladimir I pushes anti-Americanism because he needs a foreign enemy and America under Barack Obama, makes a safe foreign enemy.
    Thirty years ago, Ronald Reagan through a combination of a military build up and shrewd foreign policy, saw American democratic ideals triumph in the Cold War. Shortly after his presidency ended the Berlin Wall was torn down, from the east and, a few years later, the Soviet Union collapsed.    
    Today, Barack Obama is paving the way for the United States to become a washed-up has-been that nobody takes seriously anymore.
    I sincerely hope I’m wrong about this.