Dr. Obama will see you now

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By John Barnhart

    The first thing that came to my mind, when I heard that the Supreme Court declared ObamaCare to be Constitutional, is a little procedure that doctors like to perform on men when giving them a physical. Personally, I’m not going to submit to any doctor doing that to me without a fight. The test brought to mind a prank, that the ship’s doctor, back when I was in the Navy, played on a sailor with the help of a hospital corpsman. But, I digress.
    Now, thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision, we are all going to have to submit to Dr. Obama’s little procedure. Actually, what Dr. Obama has in mind for us is going to be more like a colonoscopy without anesthesia. And, as he gets to work, we are all going to swear that the colonoscope he is using is the size of a telephone pole.
    ObamaCare is a bad law. It never should have been passed and, unless it’s repealed in the next Congress, it’s going to complete the job of taking a healthcare system that had problems and finish the job of breaking it completely.
    Of course, proponents of ObamaCare claim that, when fully implemented, it will usher in a healthcare utopia. But it won’t do that at all. There are serious questions about whether there will be enough healthcare professionals to provide adequate care for everybody. Stand by for long waits and doctors who are in an even bigger hurry than they already are to get you in and out.
    Then there is the problem that ObamaCare takes care of large numbers of people by expanding Medicaid. ObamaCare fans cheerfully claim that this will require only modest state resources to implement this. They say that the federal government will fully fund the Medicaid expansion and pick up most of the costs afterward. That’s nice, but the number of people on Medicaid will be vastly expanded and, as the Wall Street Journal noted last week, paying for Medicaid is already crowding out school funding in some states as the portion of their budgets dedicated to that program has doubled in the last 25 years and, contrary to what its proponents claim, ObamaCare has no provisions at all to control costs.    
    There is also the question of whether all these new people who will be on Medicaid will even be able to find a doctor. Medicaid pays doctors much less than they normally charge and I’m willing to bet that, as the number of people on Medicaid grows, the number of doctors who will refuse to accept Medicaid patients will also grow.
    On the other hand, claims that the Supreme Court’s decision represents the “death of the Constitution,” as Americans for Limited Government proclaimed it, are overwrought. Originally, as he was working to ram the law through Congress,  President Obama claimed that the individual insurance was not a tax and claimed that the  Constitution’s Commerce Clause provided the authority to make this requirement. Once that approach threatened to imperil the law in court, after it was passed, the Obama administration shifted gears and declared the mandate a tax. The Supreme Court, demonstrating that politicians aren’t the only people gifted with forked tongues, declared the individual insurance mandate unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause, then declared it constitutional as a tax.
    While this is a convoluted way of looking at ObamaCare, and really amounts to an exercise of legislating from the bench,  it falls short of gutting the Constitution. That’s because, it was declared unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause. Had they declared it to be constitutional under the Commerce Clause, it would have indeed marked the death of the Constitution as it would have meant that the sky is the limit as to what the government could do to us under the cover of the Commerce Clause.
    The Constitution allows the Congress, specifically the House of Representatives, to impose taxes. That doesn’t mean, however, that ObamaCare is a good idea. It’s a bad idea and it needs to be repealed. Hopefully this November’s election will give us a president and a Congress dedicated to doing that.