Fancy Grove

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By Doug Cooper

The Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library continues to honor Confederate History Month by featuring houses in Bedford County that played a role in the War Between the States.

    This week we feature Fancy Grove. Elijah Cundiff is credited with building the house in 1856 and part of the house still remains on route 738 in the southern portion of the county. Elijah attained the rank of Captain in the Confederate Army and was known in the community as Captain Cundiff. This building was used as a recruiting station for the Confederate Army and also a muster field.

    The photo was donated to the Museum by Boyd Hubbard. The log portion was actually two stories and the lower floor was a store and post office, the second floor was one room where the entire family lived. The second floor was removed and the frame portion added later.

    The post office opened on Feb. 21, 1850, and is believed to have beern in operation until about 1892. Elijah was a tailor and he built a small building across the street which was used as a tailor shop. The same building was used as a polling place for over 100 years.