Fool me once, shame on you

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By John Barnhart

    There is a saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Last week an incompetent, left-wing extremist managed to fool half of the American people for a second time gaining another four years in the White House — four more years to do his best to complete the destruction of the America that he hates.
    Fortunately, unlike some countries such as Russia, we don’t have an eternal president. Presidential term limits mean that Barack Obama can’t run again in 2016 and somebody else will be sworn in on January 20, 2017. Unfortunately, it will be too late for America by that time as President Obama will have probably done irreparable damage to the United States. We will probably still be a strong country, with a big economy, but we will be a seriously diminished United States in both power and economic vitality.
    Fifty percent of Americans, President Obama’s share of the popular vote, chose to become Europe. President Obama’s domestic vision for America is Europe with its massive welfare state, which takes massive spending to maintain. This spending takes massive levels of taxation or massive levels of borrowing to sustain. The Germans manage to do this because their work ethic and almost obsessive willingness to obey authority means that they will still work their butts off even if their government nearly bleeds them dry. America, however, is not like Germany. We are more like Southern Europe.
    President Obama’s vision for America is unsustainable. We will probably continue to borrow and spend until we reach the point where the government will no longer be able to pay for all those promises that politicians have made. Look at Europe. The European welfare state model is not working well and many European countries have serious economic and fiscal woes, with Greece being the worst off. I don’t know if things will get as bad as they are in Greece, where riots have taken place as a desperate government, that has been overwhelmed by debt, takes desperate measures. However, that’s the direction half of America’s voters chose, believing President Obama’s hot air that all it will take to finance it will be requiring the wealthy to pay a bit more.
    But we won’t go over the cliff during Obama’s second term. The disaster will come later. He will just make sure we continue moving in that direction and there will just be too much to change, and the changes needed will simply be too big for us to make them in order to turn around in time.
    Of course, we don’t elect an absolute autocrat. A president has to work with Congress, but this won’t be a problem for President Obama in his second term. “Democrats” retained control of the Senate, so he can count on the Senate to act like a cork, bottling up any efforts by the House to accomplish anything.
    Harry Reid and his fellow Bolsheviks successfully played this obstructionist role during the current Congress, and they will continue doing that in the next. Meanwhile, President Obama will be able to avoid Congress in most cases, carrying out much of his liberal agenda through federal regulatory agencies.
    He’s already been doing that through the EPA, setting out to accomplish with regulation what he couldn’t accomplish through legislation when his cap and trade bill died three years ago because it was too radical for many in his own party. He’s reined in the EPA in recent months to make sure they didn’t do things that would hurt his reelection chances. Now that the election is over, he’s going to turn the EPA loose to cater to the wishes of his radical environmentalist friends. Expect to see energy prices soar as the EPA works to strangle domestic coal and  domestic oil production. They will eventually stifle domestic natural gas production, too, by banning fracking, something that radical environmentalists want. The president whose line of hot air portrays him as a friend of working people is going to make it cost more for them to heat their houses or get to work, assuming they have jobs to go to.