Grand jury indicts two from shootout

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By Tom Wilmoth

    Two men have been indicted for their involvement with a shooting in Huddleston Aug. 11.

    A Bedford County Circuit Court grand jury indicted 30-year-old Michael Thomas Loboschefski of Huddleston on malicious wounding and firearms charges and Joshua Hughes, 27,  of Amherst County on involuntary manslaughter and firearms charges.
     Loboschefski had originally been charged with first degree murder in the case in which 25-year-old Audrey Michelle Bryan was killed. She had been a passenger in a car driven by Hughes that went to Loboschefski’s home off Johnson Mountain Road when the shootout occurred. Passengers in that car, and another, had traveled from Amherst to Bedford County expecting a fist fight.
    But a shootout occurred and details of just what happened have varied greatly, depending on which group was telling the story.
     Loboschefski has stated he acted in self-defense, and though he wasn’t indicted on the murder charge, Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Wes Nance stated the grand jury’s malicious wounding indictment conflicts with that. That charge is related to the injuries Hughes suffered when he was shot in the leg, allegedly by Loboschefski.
    Nance said charges related to Bryan’s death could still be refiled against Loboschefski. “The grand jury certainly had some issue with the (first degree murder) indictment,” he said. “I can’t say for sure what their thinking was.”
    He said prosecutors will have to look at whether the office will seek any further indictments against Loboschefski. “That’s a decision our office still has to make,” he said.
    As for Hughes, Nance said those indictments on brandishing a firearm and involuntary manslaughter are a result of his alleged involvement with the shootout. Hughes has admitted firing a shotgun after exiting the vehicle he was driving to Loboschefski’s home. Nance said Hughes can be held legally responsible for an accidental death that occurs during the commission of an illegal act.
    During a preliminary hearing last month, Hughes said he was driving one of the two cars, a green Mustang convertible, filled with friends heading from Amherst County to Bedford County for the fight. A total of seven people, including three traveling in a green Dodge Neon, made the trip, looking for Dustin Phelps. According to testimony, Phelps and his girlfriend had broken into the Amherst County home of Alice Hutton, threatening her with homemade brass knuckles.
    Hutton, her boyfriend, James Mason, and friend Robert Loving were traveling in the Dodge Neon; Hughes, his brother Michael, and sisters Heather Gallier and Audrey Michelle Bryan were in the Mustang, according to testimony at the preliminary hearing.
    Hughes said that Phelps and his girlfriend had “invited us up” to the Huddleston home for the fight. The parties were texting back and forth and the Amherst County group received directions to the Johnson Mountain Road home from them.
    Hughes testified he brought a shotgun from Gallier’s home. He said he fired the shotgun four times up in the air.
    Investigators with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office testified at the preliminary hearing they found three shotgun shells and 11 casings from a .22-caliber firearm at the scene of the shooting. They also testified that bullet hole damage was found in both the Dodge Neon and Mustang.
    Hutton testified that Phelps had told them to go to Huddleston for the fight. “It ended up being a gun battle as soon as we got there,” she said. “There were bullets flying everywhere.” Hutton said she had gone to fight Phelps’ girlfriend while her boyfriend, James Mason, had gone to fight Phelps.

John Edward Burrows
    John Edward Burrows, who was indicted by the December grand jury on 25 counts of possessing child pornography, pleaded guilty to 20 counts in circuit court Tuesday. The first count is possession of child pornography, first offense, and the other 19 are listed as subsequent offenses.
    Burrows, who is scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 21, remains free on bond.
    Nance said the case against Burrows, who lives in Forest, was developed through the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. A search warrant was executed at his home on May 10 and several computers were examined as a result. Nance said thousands of images of child pornography were discovered on those computers. Burrows faces up to 10 years in prison on each count.

Doris Elizabeth Coe
    The grand jury also indicted Doris Elizabeth Coe, 41 of Bedford, on two felony maiming charges in connection with an accident that occurred on Peaks Road May 28.
    Coe was the driver of a 2008 Ford Fusion that prosecutors allege crossed the center line of the road and collided with a 1986 Gold Wing motorcycle that was going north. The driver of the motorcycle and a passenger were injured in the crash.
    Coe has also pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge, receiving a 12-month sentence and a $1,000 fine. She plans to appeal the conviction to Bedford County Circuit Court.
    Coe could face up to five years in prison on each maiming charge, if convicted in circuit court. She remains out on $10,000 bond.