Helping the hungry

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Walmart makes big donation to Hunters for the Hungry


Hunters for the Hungry announced recently that they are the recipients of a $50,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation.  

Laura Newell-Furniss, Director of Hunters for the Hungry said, “This gift could not come at a better time.  It will allow our program to process 1,111 deer which will yield 55,550 pounds of meat (27 tons).  When processed and packaged it will yield 222,200 quarter-pound servings of lean meat for people in need here in Virginia.  

"The need for quality lean protein is tremendous.  The feeding agencies that we assist are reporting that the number of people requesting help is far greater than last year and this lean meat will be a huge help to them.” 

It is the goal of Hunters for the Hungry to provide 370,000 pounds of meat statewide, enough venison to provide 1.48 million quarter pound servings.  The organization is counting on the hunters of Virginia to donate in excess of 7,400 deer statewide.  With the average processing cost being $45 per deer, the charity needs to raise in excess of $333,000 in processing funds.  This gift from the Walmart Foundation is a huge help to the program.

Since the program began in 1991, the deer hunters of Virginia have donated in excess of 5.2 million pounds of meat.  This is enough venison to provide 20.9 million quarter-pound servings of this quality food.  H4H  asks the deer hunters to, once again, share their harvest with those in need this year.  The compassion they have shown their fellow humans is to be commended.  We would remind hunters that the donation of mature large-bodied deer help our donated dollars for processing to go further! 

Walmart Market Manager, Jade White expressed support for the program, saying,  “The Walmart Foundation is delighted to support Hunters for the Hungry with this contribution so they can provide food for those most in need.” 

For more information on Hunters for the Hungry, please visit the organization’s website at www.h4hungry.org or call 1-800-352-4868.