Hot air wins the day

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By John Barnhart

Last week, 52 percent of American voters chose slick talk over proven leadership.

Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Maybe Barack Obama will turn out to be a fine president. Or, perhaps he’ll end up being a mediocre Jimmy Carter. Or, we may be so sick of the change he’ll bring that we’ll wish him good riddance in 2012.

He’s certainly a very intelligent man and, although he has absolutely no executive experience, he may catch on very quickly. It may not be quick enough, however, and he could make some very serious mistakes early on for which we will pay dearly.

There is so much we don’t know about him and only time will tell.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that I’m sure of.

One of these is that he is not going to lower taxes for 95 percent of us. Along with this promise, Obama also promised a large number of very expensive government programs. He can’t finance these exclusively by the modest tax increase he said that he would assess on those with incomes of $250,000 or greater. To finance all this spending, he’s going to have to come after the entire middle class and that is precisely what he will do. As a denizen of the lower end of the economic totem pole, seeing the expressions on the faces of all those middle class professionals who voted for Obama, when their choice makes a direct tax hit on them, would be priceless if it weren’t for a few other things that I expect from the Obama administration.

Proponents of abortion-on-demand and homosexual marriage want more than their morals enshrined in the law. They want to force those of us who disagree with them to shut up. They would love to make a pastor’s sermon based on Chapter 1 of Romans, teaching that homosexual behavior is sin, become a criminal offense. They would love to be able to arrest pro-lifers, engaged in a peaceful protest, and haul them off to jail. I expect President Obama, and Congressional “Democrats,” to go along with them and, once Obama has the opportunity to appoint a couple of compliant judges to the Supreme Court, we can kiss our First Amendment rights goodbye.

Obama and Congressional “Democrats” will also enact some radical environmental laws. One feature will be a cap-and-trade scheme for carbon emissions. The government will sell permits to emit carbon, and this may be something that Obama is thinking of as a revenue source to finance his new programs. This will be a heavy tax on those of us at the bottom of the economic totem pole as it will result in dramatic increases in the cost of electricity, heating oil and gasoline. It will also raise the cost of paper, plastic and aluminum. Every product that you buy that is made of these materials, or uses them in its packaging, will cost more.

Although Obama claims to have seen the light on gun control, and had some folks make ads for his campaign claiming that he supports gun rights, I don’t believe it for a second. Obama and most “Democrats” still want to disarm law-abiding American citizens. Last summer’s Supreme Court decision affirming the Second Amendment right to bear arms as an individual right creates an inconvenient fact that they’ll have to deal with, but they’ll do their best to undermine it. All, of course, in the best interest of us poor, bitter, benighted folks who, along with clinging to God, cling to our guns.

Maybe I’m wrong, and this is one time when I would really like to be wrong. Thinking about what we have done to ourselves has kept me awake at night since the election.