The House has decided to attack the energy problem by tilting at windmills

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Fifth District Congressman Tom Perriello is touting the fact that he voted for last week’s cap-and-trade energy bill, even though he knows it’s not widely supported in his district. Even worse, he voted for it though it has the potential, some say, to be the most costly tax increase in American history.

    “I supported the American Clean Energy and Security Act because I believe it is a necessary step in declaring our energy independence and creating the energy jobs and technology of the future right here at home,” Perriello stated. He left out the fact, however, that while the bill seeks to lead to “energy independence” for this country it does so with the belief that it can be achieved by developing wind and solar power, without any thought of increasing oil production here.

    The  American Clean Energy and Security Act barely passed the House by a slim 219-212 margin and Perriello’s vote played a crucial role in that victory for the House Democratic leadership of Nancy Pelosi and for the President. Stated Perriello of his vote: “Vulnerable freshmen like me are going to take a political hit (for supporting the bill) but we came to do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may.”

    Perriello may truly believe that he’s serving our best interests, but he’s ignoring some important facts.

    First, the legislation’s goal is not so much energy independence as it is an opportunity to push through the President’s global-warming — now conveniently called climate change— agenda. Apparently those pushing for this legislation have chosen to ignore the fact that global temperatures have gone down this past decade, not up. In addition, the administration is choosing to ignore any voices that don’t agree with its agenda. Earlier this year, Alan Carlin, a senior research analyst at the Environmental Protection Agency, was silenced when he asked agency officials to distribute his analysis which focused on the EPA using out-of-date research and ignoring new data on global warming. Those facts, apparently, become inconvenient truths that didn’t match up to what the White House needed to further its political agenda.

    Second, while Perriello and others may tout a report from the Congressional Budget Office that says the legislation will only cost the average taxpayer about $175 in additional spending each year — and will create jobs —  even that report admitted that it was not taking into account important data that will factor into the energy-bill’s impact on this nation and its businesses. Meanwhile, other studies predict an economic impact much more dramatic on the average taxpayer, into the thousands of dollars, as well as on business and industry. The Heritage Foundation predicts that the bill would cost the Fifth District 3,720 jobs by 2012 and 55,992 jobs by 2035. “The simple truth behind this legislation,” stated Sixth District Congressman Bob Goodlatte, is that “it raises taxes, kills jobs and will lead to more governmental intrusion.”

    Goodlatte said that Congress should focus on policies that seek to rebuild the economy and create more jobs. That, he said, means providing reliable and affordable energy supplies. “This legislation has devastating consequences for every single American,” Goodlatte stated.

    Anyone who believes that energy independence can be achieved through wind and solar energy — while ignoring the need to tap into more oil and gas reserves here in the United States — would make Don Quixote proud.