Info at the click of a mouse

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By Sheriff Mike Brown
Bedford County

    I would like to invite all citizens of Bedford County to check out our new and improved Web site: www.bedfordcountysheriff.org.
    We gathered all the information most asked about and put it into an easy-to-find format; Concealed weapons permit info, how to get your fingerprints taken, check out the BCSO calendar of events, become one of our RSVP Volunteers, and so much more!
    Not only do we have all press releases and media notifications posted, there is also a service to all citizens with a cell phone, to now receive BCSO notifications as soon as they are issued via text message or email! 
    Please visit the BCSO site, go to Citizen Services, then Subscribe. You can register your number and/or email address. There is a list of common carriers, so find yours and enter the info as directed. (You may need to check with your carrier to be sure texting is covered under your plan.) You will then receive a confirmation from your carrier. You can unsubscribe at anytime, and your information will never be shared with anyone.
    You can also follow BCSO  by “friending“ us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bedford.sheriff and Tweet away on our Twitter: http://twitter.com/bedfordsheriff1
    Social Networking is an invaluable tool for communicating throughout the county, region, even all over the world. However, I remind you, all ages, to always “think before clicking”. You never want to give out personal information! You never know who might be watching! 
    Go ahead and be sociable…but remember to always be safe!