Job well done!

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Our compliments go to Bedford's Moose Lodge for the excellent job they did putting on a fireworks show after Bedord announced that it would no longer fund 4th of July fireworks. The show was nice with 20 minutes worth of colorful aerial bursts.
    There was lots of parking and the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, with the assistance of volunteers, did a good job of making this work smoothly. Once the show was over, there were no problems getting out and onto U. S. 460. That also went smoothy.
    What is especially impressive is that the Moose Lodge pulled this together in less than a month. It became more impressive considering that this is the first time they have ever done this. They had no "this is what we did last year" experice to go on.
    We sincerly hope that they do this again next year. After all, what's the 4th of July without fireworks? Even if they are held the next day, it's still great to have them over the holiday that marks our nation's birthday.
    The Moose lodge will hold a wrap up meeting next week to evaluate the event. Our guess is that their only question will be what they will do different next year