Johnson wins in District 2

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Dr. John Hicks retains seat in District 3

By John Barnhart

With all precincts in District 2 reporting, Jason Johnson pulled ahead of Charlotte Maxey to unseat incumbent District 2 school board member Jennifer Merritt, who had been appointed by the school board to fill David Vaden's unexpired term earlier this year. As this was a special election, Johnson will take the seat as soon as he is sworn in.

Johnson won the seat with 39 percent of the vote. Merritt came in second with 31 percent and Maxey placed a very close third with 30 percent of the vote. Only eight votes separated Merritt and Maxey.

When the last two precincts in District 3 reported, Dr. John Hicks remained the winner. Voters returned him to the District 3 school board seat with 60 percent of the vote. his challenger, Eric Thompson, got 39 percent. Hurt was challenged by John Douglass, a "Democrat," who got 43 percent of the vote and Kenneth Hildebrandt, a Virginia Independent Green, who got 2 percent.

In House of Representatives races, final totals for Congressmen Robert Hurt, in the 5th Congressional District, and Bob Goodlatte, in the 6th Congressional District, were 55 percent and 66 percent, returning both to Congress. Hurt was challenged by John Douglass, a Democrat, who

Final totals gave Tim Kaine the margin of victory in the race for the Senate. Kaine won with 52 percent of the vote, defeating George Allen, who got 47 percent. Allen proved much more popular in the Bedford area. He got 71 percent of the votes cast in Bedford County and 56 percent in the city.

The two referenda on the ballot will become part of the Virginia Constitution. Question 1, which puts limits on eminent domain, passed with 75 percent of the vote. Question 2, which deals with General Assembly veto sessions, passed with 82 percent of the vote.

Barack Obama carried Virginia with 51 percent of the vote to Mitt Romney's 48 percent. Virgil Goode, who ran as the Constitution Party Candidate was not a factor in the race. Goode drew only 0.36 percent of the vote, coming in behind Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson, who got 0.81 percent and slightly ahead of Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, who got 0.22 percent.

Like Allen, Romney proved more popular in the Bedford area than he did statewide. County voters gave him 71 percent of the vote. Romney got 54 percent of the city vote.