Judge denies bond in murder-for-hire case

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Krantz: Colgan would be a threat to his wife's safety

By Mary Wiley

    Kevin Colgan, charged with trying to hire a hit man to murder his wife, is still in jail where he has been since he was arrested on June 19.
    According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Krantz, Colgan was originally denied bail by Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge Louis Harrison. He appealed that decision to Bedford County Circuit Court where Judge James Updike denied him bail last week.
    Krantz said he opposed bail for Colgan, arguing that no conditions could be placed on Colgan to prevent him from being a threat to his wife’s safety.
    “The only way to guarantee her safety was to keep him in jail,” Krantz said in an interview.
    Krantz said the nature of the crime he allegedly committed — trying to hire a hit man — means a no-contact provision would not protect her. He added that Colgan has already been convicted of violating two protective orders. Krantz said Colgan’s Facebook posts had boasted that  a protective order wasn’t going to stop him.
    “It was only a piece of paper,” Krantz said, citing the posts.

    According to Krantz, Colgan and his wife were in the process of a divorce when Colgan began, a couple of months before he was arrested, making posts on Facebook expressing his desire to have her killed. She lives in Bedford and works in Roanoke while Colgan lives in Roanoke. Multiple law enforcement agencies got involved after the posts drew their attention.
    “He eventually headed out to meet what he thought was a hit man, but who was actually an undercover police officer,” Krantz said.
    Krantz said Colgan had two meetings with the officer. The second meeting was to give him time to back down.
    “We wanted to give Mr. Colgan every opportunity to back off,” Krantz said.
    Krantz said Colgan is scheduled for a probable cause hearing in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court at 10 a.m. on Aug. 18.