Just a wrong-headed liberal

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By John Barnhart

    While there are many things we don’t know about President-elect Barack Obama, there is one thing I know, and one thing I’m pretty sure of.


    I know that Obama is not a Muslim. His 20-year membership in Jeremiah Wright’s church, plus some statements he’s made, make it clear he is not an orthodox Christian. However, that same church membership makes it clear that he isn’t a Muslim. Add to that fact that there isn’t any credible evidence that he’s ever engaged in Islamic worship in his adult life. Furthermore, he took his oath of office with his hand on a Bible. It was Congressman Keith Ellison, not Obama, who used a Koran.


    I’m pretty sure he is not a Marxist. Earlier this month, a congressman from Georgia (the American state) accused Obama of being a Marxist, but I’m very skeptical of that. I’ve not seen any evidence that Obama has ever demonstrated the murderous ruthlessness of a true Marxist. For an example of an actual Marxist, read up on Che Guevara. Barack Obama seems to be full of wrong-headed, left-wing ideas, but he’s no Marxist.


    I truly hope I’m right about this.


    No, Barack Obama is neither Muslim nor Marxist. What he actually is provides plenty enough to keep one awake at night without making untrue or exaggerated statements about him.


    Obama is very liberal and I’m sure he would love to go along with the “Democratic” left’s wish list. The only thing that would stop him is pragmatism. I’m sure he realizes that routinely going along with Reid, Waxman, Pelosi, Frank & Co. would be a good way to turn himself into a one-term president. America remains a center-right country and I imagine that Obama knows he must govern from a position closer to the center than he would like to.


    His choice of Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff could be evidence that he will do this. Emanuel, while a social liberal, is more of a centrist on economic issues and closer to President George W. Bush, than most “Democrats,” on Iraq. It also appears that Obama chose somebody who would be a good head-knocker when it comes to dealing with Congress.


    It also looks like the Republicans will be able to sustain a filibuster in the Senate. Obama may actually find this a relief as they will keep the “Democrats’” craziest ideas from ever reaching his desk.


    Nevertheless, I expect plenty of bad legislation to reach President Obama’s desk and get signed. I expect to see him preside over a reduction in the capability of our armed forces. Barney Frank, who chairs the House finance committee, wants to cut the military budget by 25 percent. I don’t know if military budget cuts will be that draconian, but I’m sure that Congressional “Democrats,” with Obama’s full support, will not provide adequate funding for our armed forces. The actual cost of this may not come due until after Obama joins other former presidents at the retired presidents’ public feeding trough.


    Obama seems to have the typical American liberal’s kumbaya approach to foreign policy. This makes him more likely to make a serious foreign policy mistake that we’ll pay for, for a long time to come.


    Of course, previous American presidents have made foreign policy blunders and the fact that Obama will inherit these won’t make his job any easier. Bush’s foreign policy was a misguided missile, and Obama inherits the consequences. Furthermore, both President Bush and Clinton routinely snubbed Russian national pride and Obama also inherits the consequences of those actions.


    It’s going to be an interesting four (or eight) years. I wonder if I can find a good place to hide until it’s over?