Keeping their promises

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By John Barnhart

    My compliments to House Republicans. They kept their campaign promise to pass a bill repealing ObamaCare. A few Democrats even joined them.

    This repeal probably won’t make it through the Senate and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has stated that he won’t bring it up with a vote. Nevertheless, Senate “Democrats” won’t be able to get away with dodging the issue. There are ways that Senate Republicans can force a vote on ObamaCare repeal and they should do this. Senate “Democrats” who are up for election next year, such as Jim Webb, should be required to take a stand and vote on this. Then, they can answer to the voters next year.
    ObamaCare should have never happened. The American people didn’t want it, and tried to make that clear, but “Democrats” ignored us, and we, in turn, flushed them out of office. Most of those newly elected Republicans, such as Robert Hurt, as well as many incumbent Republicans who were reelected, included promises of an ObamaCare repeal in their campaigns.
     Even if ObamaCare repeal legislation passes the Senate, it will surely be vetoed by President Barack Obama. That means Republicans need to keep another campaign promise — to starve the beast by refusing to fund it. Spending bills must start in the House, and House Republicans can simply refuse to provide money to implement President Obama’s medical nightmare.
    This monstrosity is not going to help most of us, it’s going to hurt us. Most of us are already paying substantially more for our portion of our employer-subsidized medical insurance thanks to ObamaCare. As time goes on, medical service providers will make changes to defend themselves from ObamaCare, and this will mean higher prices for us.
    Liberals like to point to Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) as an example of the wonderful things that government-financed universal health care brings. What they don’t mention is that the NHS’s costs are threatening to sink that island nation.
    I would recommend a subscription to The Economist, a British weekly magazine. Peruse some back issues over the past few months, paying attention to the magazine’s section on Britain. One of the things you will notice is that they are struggling with how they will change the NHS to make it less expensive. Britain, like the United States, is facing deficits that will be ultimately unsustainable if they don’t find a way to get their spending under control. At present, they are looking at some degree of decentralization to make physician groups more involved in managing costs. They are also looking at changes that will allow people to choose the hospital at which they undergo a procedure. Under our system, you have that choice. Apparently Brits, under the NHS, don’t.
    We are already, without ObamaCare, like the Titanic, speeding toward an encounter with a fiscal iceberg. ObamaCare will make matters worse. Many economists have pointed out that claims that ObamaCare will lower deficits are based on accounting gimmicks and things that just won’t happen, such as deep cuts in Medicare spending.
    It’s a shame that “Democrats” will assuredly block a repeal of ObamaCare. Repeal would clear away the junk so that Congress can do things that will really help people. Making it possible to buy medical insurance across state lines would lower costs for people living in states where government mandates on what a policy must contain have driven up prices. Tort reform could also go a long way to lowering medical costs.
    Unfortunately, most “Democrats” don’t seem interested in any of this.