Lago Pizza continues to grow

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By Peter Sawyer
Intern writer


    Bedford County residents who like deep dish pizza can book a flight to Chicago, go without, or head to Lago Pizza in Moneta.
    Lago Pizza’s owner Esperanza Forero claims to have the only restaurant around that offers a Chicago style pizza.
    “We are the only ones who make Chicago around here, and the only ones who do the buffet,” Forero said.
    Perhaps this is the secret to their success.  Lago Pizza has only been around since 2008, but has expanded steadily.
    “Every year is getting better,” Forero said. “That is why I have the opportunity to expand.  While other people were closing, I was expanding.”
    Located at Shoprite Village off of 122 South, Lago Pizza started out with only one suite doing takeout orders.  Their first renovation, in 2009, involved adding a second suite.  Now customers can eat inside.
    The interior is decorated with hanging lamps and elaborate artwork.  Forero said she wanted a cozy atmosphere for the customers.
    Forero made more renovations in 2010.
    In addition to their buffet and pizza, the restaurant offers various Italian dishes including pastas, salads, calzones and strombolis.
    As a restaurant in Moneta, Forero admits that Lake tourism is a bonus for her business, but she said she values local customers.
    “The people who support you all year are local people,” Forero said. “I am very fortunate to have my locals who support me.”