Left wing extremists take control

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    I wasn’t quite sure what we had elected back in November. Terry McAuliffe had no elected office track record, so it seemed we had elected a pig in a poke. Now, it’s reached the point at which the  poke has been opened and we can see what sort of pig we bought. Virginians have clearly been left holding the bag.
    What we have done is elect a trio of left-wing partisan extremists to the Commonwealth’s top offices. As has been aptly stated last month, they have been taking more left turns than a NASCAR driver since taking office.
    I thought that McAwful would turn out to be the worst but, so far, the most appalling actions have been by Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring.
    Herring, revealing his contempt for the people of Virginia, has decided not to defend Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriages against a lawsuit claiming it is unconstitutional. Never mind that this is in Virginia’s Constitution and, in order to get there had to be passed twice by the General Assembly and then pass a voter referendum. Herring has decided, on his own, that it’s unconstitutional.
    Part of the Virginia attorney general’s job is to defend state laws against lawsuits. Herring, however, has decided to impose his political party’s radical social agenda on Virginia.
    Northam, for his part, has illustrated the reason why I put the word “Democratic” in quotes when referring to the official name of a certain political party. The highly partisan action he took in the Senate has taken the Commonwealth as close to being a one-party state as is possible.
    The Virginia Senate is evenly split between “Democrats” and Republicans. The lieutenant governor casts the tie-breaking vote in the Senate, so this guarantees that a bill can pass on a strict party line vote. Northam’s problem is that a Senate bill that has been amended by the Republican controlled House of Delegates may attract bipartisan support. To prevent that from happening, Senate “Democrats,” following Northam’s leadership, decreed that the chairman of the Rules Committee can kill any Senate bill that comes back from the house in a form that he deems to be substantially amended. The whole system of allowing committees to kill legislation without the whole legislative body having the opportunity to vote on it is undemocratic. A rule that allows one senator to deprive the constituents of 39 other senators representation in deciding whether the bill should pass, as amended, is wildly antidemocratic.
    There were several factors in the “Democrats’” sweep of the top three offices. The scandal revolving around expensive gifts that former Governor Bob McDonnell received from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams hurt Republicans. The Tea Party led Charge of the Light Brigade against ObamaCare during the first half of October distracted attention from HealthCare.gov’s catastrophic rollout for two weeks limited Ken Cuccinelli’s ability to use that against McAwful. Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who probably wouldn’t have even gotten on the ballot had it not been for financial help from a big, out-of-state “Democratic” donor, was another major factor in McAwful’s victory — note that McAwful won by a plurality, not a majority.
    However the biggest factor is the change in Virginia’s demographics over the decades. Look at a voting results map of Virginia and you’ll notice that the vast majority of counties voted Cuccinelli. McAwful won most cities and, crucially, the part of Virginia that boarders Washington D. C. This area, which is actually a large, sprawling suburb of Washington, has grown massively over the last few decades and feeds off our bloated federal government. It’s drawn most of its population growth from other parts of the country. These folks have mostly came from parts of the country that are “Democrat” strongholds, and they have a taste for left-wingers, rather than the moderate Democrats that Virginia used to produce. I believe pressure from this area, supported by a few other scattered localities, will push Virginia left in coming years.