Let’s just freeze in the dark

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By John Barnhart

Are you enjoying all the winter? I’ve had to shovel global warming out of my driveway two weekends in a row, and what we got the last time was nothing compared with what folks in other parts of the Commonwealth experienced.

    How about those high heating bills? I know one lady who lives in Bedford County who had an electricity bill that topped $500 for a month. She and her husband aren’t heating Al Gore’s mansion, either. They live in a doublewide.

    The electric rates that have given people such a shock recently are nothing if all the environmentalists get their way. The whole idea behind ideas, such as cap and trade and carbon taxes, is to raise the cost of burning fuel, particularly petroleum based fuel and coal. It works because this raises the cost of petroleum based fuels, such as fuel oil, and electricity to the point that you can’t afford it. You use less, so less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere.

    The true believers in man-made global warming, and the thought that it is about to bring catastrophe on all of us, seem to be immune to reason. They weren’t deterred when e-mails, exposed by Russian hackers, showed deliberate efforts by some top climatological chicken littles to suppress data that contradicted their theories and keep the work of skeptics in the scientific community from ever getting into print. The true believers also have not been deterred by the fact that data on glaciers in India, that has served as the basis for United Nations pronouncements on global warming, or a few other pieces of “scientific” data they use to back their cause have recently turned out to have no scientific basis.

    This is because environmentalism is not a science. There is science involved in it, and its roots are in science, but environmentalism, itself, is a religion.

    Right after the earthquake in Haiti, Pat Robertson got blasted for his “pact with the devil” statement. A statement by Danny Glover got less attention, but it was equally outlandish.

    “When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen,” Glover said during an interview shortly after the quake, “this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m sayin’?”

    It seems that Glover believes that the failure of the nations of the world to agree to a climate change treaty has angered some sort of earth goddess. This Mother Earth, or whatever, took vengeance on us by killing a quarter million Haitians. This sort of logic is immune to reasoning or any kind of evidence that can be rallied against it.

    It’s bizarre logic, but it illustrates that, sometime in the past few decades, environmentalism has become a sort of pagan earth/nature religion. It’s seems more Wiccan than scientific and, for these zealots, no human sacrifice is too great if it makes their earth goddess, or whatever, happy.

    The bad part is that the folks running the show in Washington have demonstrated that they will gladly sacrifice most of us on the altar of the environmentalists’ earth goddess. Last summer, the House passed a cap and trade bill, a bill that Congressman Tom Perriello voted for. This is an example of the cavalier attitude that well-heeled liberals actually have toward the struggles of working people. They just don’t care.        

    Now that cap and trade is going nowhere in the Senate, the EPA is going ahead in an effort to regulate CO2. This may give Perriello a chance to redeem himself. Two senior House “Democrats,” Collin Peterson and Ike Skelton, have come up with a proposal to block the EPA from doing this. Perriello needs to demonstrate that he is not just another callous liberal elitist and get behind this bill.