Letter 02/12/14

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Get tough on speeding

    As a recent retiree, I watch the local & national news on a daily basis.
    Apparently most towns, cities, counties & states are facing budget problems. One way to gain some revenue and not raise taxes is to get tough on speeding.
    I have lived in Bedford County for almost two years and have traveled Rt 122 and Rt 24 quite a bit. I have never seen a radar setup on either of these roads.
    Speeding and reckless driving (passing on a double line) is a common practice. A perfect example is the long downhill stretches of Rt 122 at downtown Moneta. The 45 mph zone at the Moneta library is ignored. If you slow down to make a turn left or right, some idiot will blast their horn for slowing them down or whiz past you on the shoulder.
    A second example is the long straight stretch near Peaks View Christian Church. I can be traveling at 60 mph in that 55 mph zone & some idiot will not only pass me, but go out of sight! Speed and reckless driving are major cause of traffic accidents.

Graham N. Sword