Letter 06/18/14

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Reflections of a Virginia
country boy

    How much longer will Senators Kaine and Warner and fellow Congressmen allow the gross over reach of the President and his Executive Departments?
    President Obama is fond of reminding us he is a constitutional law scholar yet it appears, by his actions, he cares little for following the letter and intent of separation of powers as established in our bedrock founding document. This disdain and abuse of power by the Chief Executive has easily surpassed the imperialistic actions of Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon. Why has the legislative branch, Democrats and Republicans, ceded their Constitutional powers, duties, and responsibilities to the Executive Branch? Senators Kaine and Warner should execute their Constitutional powers and do their elected job by reclaiming the letter and intent of the powers that the Founders placed into our Constitution and the voters entrusted in you. Let that be their legacy. The arrogance of this President and the complacent inaction of our Congress is an affront to any American with pride in our Federal system and democratic heritage. How can Senators Kaine and Warner and fellow Congressmen of either party support the behavior of the Executive Branch?
    Will they take action or quietly watch while the band plays on and our ship slowly sinks? When will they hold the President accountable for obeying the law as every other American is required to do? We know our individual and national interests are best served by a government that fully operates within the designed framework established by the Constitution. We know the rights of the people are best served by elected officials that are Americans first and members of political parties second. We know that our nation would and will be better served by citizen legislators instead of professional politicians. We know no person is above the law. We know our nation is best served by independent self reliant citizens that are unencumbered by the excessive regulatory shackles of an overly powerful Executive Branch. … We that have spent our lives quietly building and defending this exceptional nation will not silently wait forever for a return to the founding principles outlined in the Constitution.
Barry Turpin
USMC ret.