Letter 06/20/12

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God is in Control theology

    I believe great harm has come from the “God is in Control” theology.
    Atheists have been able to justify their sin by the God is in Control theology.  The thinking of Atheists is, God is in Control, God created sinners, thus God approves of the sin.   Lots of people put themselves in risky situation expecting God will prevent harm to them because God is in Control or even if harm does come, it was God’s will.  I believe that when a person does something they expect is evil, then there should be no expectation of God preventing harm.  The Holy Spirit is not in control of the person that chooses to drink, do drugs, etc., the drugs are in control and God has been rejected.
    Christians are allowed to feel too comfortable and to stay out of politics by the God is in Control theology.  Why worry when God is in Control, everything is going to be all OK.   It must have been God’s will that Atheists are in control of the government, so just accept it even when there are diversity training and anti bullying programs in schools that are advocating Atheism to the children of Christians.
    Christians have no right nor responsibility to physically confront sinners, but Christians have a right and responsibility to rebuke sin and to support a government that executes evil people that are threat to society.
    Civil Law should use a double standard to define evil people.  Evil is defined by the Bible, but Civil Law should add the additional requirement that evil leads to disease, death, destruction and poverty, thus is a threat to society.
    The Church should rebuke sin/evil in obedience to God, and the State should rebuke/execute evil/sin for health, safety and economic reasons.
    A government controlled by Atheists will support and encourage Atheism, thus Christians must be involved in politics so that the government is controlled by Christians.
    I believe God is in Control only when Christians offer salvation to all and/or are involved in politics to protect their children.

Clifford D. Russell