Letter 06/27/12

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Hey now

    Familiar words from a song say: “Hey now, hey now, your dream is over.” Living the nightmare of the 2010-12 conservative right House of Representatives in Congress is no dream. Having taken 41 vacation days and worked 127 days since January, this is a nightmare in itself. Each receives a monthly salary of over $16,000 with a huge benefits package that includes health insurance. After leaving Congress the salary and benefits continue for life. On June 8, Congress voted a $3.3 billion measure to protect their own office expense accounts from budget cuts. Say what! Wait a minute. These are the same people who say every day that government needs to cut spending.
    Speaking of jobs, President Obama has had a comprehensive jobs bill before Congress since September, 2011. The do nothing Congress has passed a payroll tax cut but has refused to pass any other parts of the jobs bill that would create one million new jobs. Jobs needed to put policemen, firefighters, construction workers and teachers to work. Republicans failed to pass the Fair Pay Act granting equal pay to women for doing the same job as men. They introduced HR Bills 206 and 86 to forever extend the Bush tax cuts mainly for the wealthy. President Obama’s leadership has created 4.3 million jobs.
    Republican TEA suggested that America use austerity measures to improve job creation. Several failing European countries have been trying austerity measures for several years. These measures have driven European unemployment up to 11 percent. American unemployment is down to 8.1 percent. The state that took stimulus money and bought General Motors back to the number one auto maker has unemployment down to 4 percent. After 27 months of continuous economic growth in America, foreign leaders have discussed with President Obama how to apply his economic recovery strategies to Europe.
    On November 6, 2012 dream a little dream of government moving forward for the common good of all Americans. Vote for our economic future! Re-elect President Obama. Elect Tim Kaine to the U. S. Senate. Elect Brigadier General Jon Douglass to Congress from the 5th District.

Diana Persinger