Letter 07/02/14

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Clearing up the

    Thank you for supporting Bower Center for the Arts and the Wharton Society by attending Dr. Bower’s Annual Crawfish Boil. As always, the food, music and ambiance were outstanding. Unfortunately, there was some confusion and misunderstanding at this year’s Crawfish Boil, which we want to clear up.
    We’ve listened to your suggestions of how to make the Crawfish Boil better next year.  With the price of crawfish rising and the expense of bringing the crawfish here from Louisiana, we will not be able to return to an “all you can eat” buffet style event.  While we know that worked well for some guests in the past, we had many complaints from others about not being able to get to the table to enjoy the crawfish. That is the reason we switched to trays this year, instead of putting the crawfish directly on the tables.
    The etouffee, chicken gumbo, and red beans and rice will continue to be “all you can eat.”  We will try to offer potatoes and corn separately.  The long line this year will not happen again, and while the library parking lot functions well in accommodating larger crowds, some people prefer a more intimate atmosphere in the gardens. Next year, the option will be yours.
    We are deeply appreciative of Dr. John Bower and Edna Curry’s generosity for sponsoring the Crawfish Boil each year, and for our supporters who attend the Crawfish Boil.  The money raised from the Crawfish Boil is used to provide scholarships to deserving children for the Bower Center for the Arts summer arts camp, for maintenance of the garden and building, and to give artists and musicians a venue to share their works. 
    Thank you again for supporting Bower Center for the Arts, and we hope to see you on Memorial Day weekend at the 2015 Crawfish Boil!

Sara Braaten
Bower Center for the Arts