Letter 11/28/12

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    After watching “Lincoln” tonight at the local theater in Lynchburg, I came away greatly disturbed by the portrayal of The President.
    While I did like some parts of the “make believe” movie, I could not clap with the few who did at the end. The book this movie came out of was based on one person’s opinion and research. Her using GD and Jesus as curse words (unless Spielberg took liberties) was disappointing to me. But, when GD came out of the mouth of Mr. Lincoln, I almost got up and left.
    Don’t ask me why I stayed.
    That may be a mark against my own character. Please find GD written in some document in Mr. Lincoln’s hand writing, if you are going to portray him in this way, Mr. Spielberg.  As the producer of this movie that may well become an American epic (I hope not) Spielberg’s respect for President Lincoln was shallow at best having allowed GD to come off his lips. 
    Then, as we left the theater, the crowds coming in for the Vampire Thrillers astounded me. I guess my dream for the American people would be a heart turning toward God. Is it misguided at best? With the danger  directly in front of us economically and terrorism wise, we are certainly headed for a really big wake-up call.
    Our country seems more interested in Vampires, Dancing with the Stars, and historical movies depicting past heroes using GD. May God have mercy on us. Tough times are ahead. Are we ready?
    God Bless America?

Frank Landrey